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    Default Heavy fragrances?

    These days I find myself enjoying denser fragrances like A*Men, Joop! Homme, M7, Rochas Man, even Quorum when I'm not feeling so sweet. I keep reading great things about Opium pour Homme. Any others I should be considering? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Sorry! I should add I also have B*Men and Versace Man as well.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Kouros & Antaeus

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Burberry London for Men tends to sit heavy on me.
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Almost anything by Serge Lutens.
    L'Instant EdP, perhaps.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Jaipur Homme EdP, Guerlain's Heritage, Caron's Third Man, Nicolai's New York, and Lauder for Men might appeal!

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Desprez Versailles is a dense beast.
    Dior Jules won't disappoint.
    Havana is heavy.
    Maxim's PH is definitely worth a try.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Givenchy pi

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    From my rotation I'd choose Iquitos as the "heaviest," but CdG's Parfum is up there too. However, Iquitos doesn't mellow out as the CdG does.
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Second the Serge Lutens' lines. Most of them have intensity, depth and complexity.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    I would like to recommend Rochas Lui. Others have described it far better than I could in the directory, but it is a dry, semi sweet oriental with a somewhat spiritual feel to it depending on your upbringing. Lasts forever, good projection, and cheap enough to swallow as a blind buy and popular enough that if you don't like it I'm sure someone here would snatch it up!

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Don't forget about Macassar by Rochas. Dense but oh so fantastic!

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    TF Private Blend series

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Grey Flannel is like having a thick sock stuffed down your throat. I don't much care for it obviously. Havana and Dunhill Pursuit both have a definite "weight" to them.
    Twitter - @DanielTharp has additional reviews and commentary.
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    you want heavy, you gotta try the arabian oils brotha
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Malle's Musc Ravageur. Read the reviews, it's heavy and amazing!
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Fumerie Turque
    Gucci PH
    Envy for men
    Dolce&Gabbana PH

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    If you are willing to look for heavy AND quirky and are on a budget, definately try Aramis 900. It is the in fact the male version of Clinique Aromatics Elixir. If you have smelled this then you know what I mean...

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    L´Anarchiste by Caron
    Knize Ten
    Gucci PH
    Tsar Van Cleef and Arpels
    Fahrenheit by Dior
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzlepuff View Post
    Don't forget about Macassar by Rochas. Dense but oh so fantastic!
    Yep !!! One of the best for longevity for sure.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Serge Lutens and Caron scents if you want heavy.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    I think Blue Amber by Montale is a very heavy and dense scent. It is of the highest quality.
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Hmmm, were to start...

    Musc Ravegeur - FM
    Sweet Oriental Dream - Montale
    Duro - Nasomatto
    L'air du Desert Marocain - Tauer
    Tobacco Vanille - Tom Ford
    Fumerie Turque - SL

    just to name a few...

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    The "densest" frag I own is Versailles. If I had one word to describe it, it would be that.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Sitting heavy..dense...I'd say Burberry London, Michael Kors and Gucci PH all sit pretty heavy.
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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    D'Orsay Le dandy

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Havana Reserva
    Montana Parfum D'Homme (red box)
    Rive Gauche Intense

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Have you ever tried the original Karl Lagerfeld, the bright orange liquid?
    Beautiful and heavy defined and always available cheaply.

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Cartier Santos Concentree
    Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories

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    Default Re: Heavy fragrances?

    Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

    Lapidus Pour Homme

    Herrera for men

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