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    Default Got my first ever Compliment. YIPPY!!

    Albeit from a man, but thats ok.

    I've been wearing fragrances since i was a little boy. Back than i wore nothing but IRON because i thought it was the greatest thing ever.
    Than my teenage years came along and started buying colognes whenever i could afford them and wore them all the time.
    But i've NEVER had anyone compliment me. I now think it was because i've been smoking fulltime since i was 15 ( A gas station by my house would always sell me smokes )
    But last saturday I quit ( dont congratulate me yet, i just started back up a few hours ago ) but on thursday when i was out for the first time smoke free and wearing a scent, I finally got a Compliment.
    I had stoped by my favorite Mexican Restaurant to grab a bite before i drive around all day paying bills.
    When i got done ordering, the man behind the counter said he liked my cologne and asked what i was wearing. Well i was wearing Polo Explorer.
    Funny thing about this scent, I dont like it. I bought it during x-mas 2007 because i liked it at the store but when i got home and tried it, well I was disgusted. I cant really explain it but I just hated it.
    So i put it in a drawer and forgot about it until tuesday, I tried it on that night and its growing on me.
    I must admit. I'm not an expert on fragrance by any means. I can never understand what i'm smelling or really understand anything about fragrance. I'm an IDIOT when it comes to fragrances ( thankfully i'm very good at my other hobby ) but i love them, so i come to basenotes and try to learn more and just enjoy what i like.
    But what i'm asking is. Is the smoke really preventing others from smelling what i have on Or was this just a freak thing. I have noticed over the years that nothing last on me for more than a few minutes, but again maybe its just the smoke getting in the way.


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    Default Re: Got my first ever Compliment. YIPPY!!

    Yes, the smoking is preventing much positive reaction. I smoked for a long time and rarely got compliments even when I thought I didn't smell like smoke. I quit a couple years ago, and my sense of smell has increased tenfold and I can smell someone who has recently smoked even when they walk in a room. It's really off-putting, so I wouldn't be surprised if its absence is the cause of the positive reactions.
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    Default Re: Got my first ever Compliment. YIPPY!!

    I appreciate ANY comments on my fragrance. Even the negative ones like "Oh my God what died in here?!" when I was wearing Mazzolari Lui.

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    Smile Re: Got my first ever Compliment. YIPPY!!

    That is really nice, isn't it? I got into the whole perfume thing because my great-aunt was an avid collector and I spent an enormous amount of time with her growing up. My great-uncle had been an airline pilot and brought her perfumes from all over the world. In turn, she would fly with him and go on sprees.

    No joke: I own 60-70 bottles of my own fragrances, but I have at least two hundred that I inherited from her. I treasure these, keep them protected, and they are a vital link to my childhood.

    Long story short, she started dunking me in 4711 when I was in single digits. In high school and college, sloth took over, but my self of dignity returned about graduation and a good haircut. Then I thought, hey, what the heck? And one thing led to another.

    It's a passion, even if I'm an eternal novice, and I appreciate the attention. And, no, I will not give in to stereotypes or expectations. Damn the torpedoes and full scents ahead!

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