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    Default Tabac Blond edt?????

    I recently tried, and was subsequently blown away by, Tabac Blond. (I wrote all about it, it's on the BN blog page ) I got a 1/2 ml vial of urn parfum from TPC and it's almost gone! It is apparently (as I have been searching) REALLLLLLY hard, if not impossible, to get a FB of urn parfum from anywhere but the Caron boutiques. The edt version seems a hair more accessible, but I've no experiences with it. Soooo.....

    Is there anyone out there who has had experience with Tabac Blond edt? How does it compare with the urn parfum? Wouldst thou share your experiences with moi, and tell me if it is worth it, and if so, where I can find my lil self a bottle?


    Oh, and Nuit de Noel, too!
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    Default Re: Tabac Blond edt?????

    Well Tabac Blond extrait is rather like having a leather-clad angel singing on your arm all day, so I can appreciate your being bowled over by it!
    I have the edt and it's great. It's obviously lighter and fresher and doesn't last as long as the divine extrait, but that's always the way with edt. It's very much comparable to the extrait so I think you can buy with confidence as long as you accept it will be slightly less rich.

    I'm in Europe and I bought mine from a perfume shop over here, but I imagine there are a number of US etailers that sell it. And isn't there a really famous perfume shop in Oregon? Or is that like someone saying to me: try Selfridges in London, when it's a 2 day drive away?

    I am pretty sure there are recommendations and reviews of etailers on the City Shopping Guides board - here's the thread
    Or maybe some of the girls will jump in and give some suggestions on this thread.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    Default Re: Tabac Blond edt?????

    Oooh, yes there is, I even have its website in my favorites!* Thanks for the reminder, Wordbird.* It was past my bedtime when I posted thst last night.

    Re. edt vs.extrait-- inexplicably, Chanel No. 22 edt lasts a good three hours longer on me than the extrait. I like the edt better, so I guess I win! Maybe I'll be that lucky with Tabac Blond.

    And thanks for the input!

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    Default Re: Tabac Blond edt?????

    Please PM me your street address, Sunnyfunny, I got some to share. Also some Sacre EdP from your Wishlist.

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