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    Question Advice Please 4 new fragrance

    Advice Please 4 new fragrance...
    Favorite frags are Molinard by Molinard, First (VCA) and Gio (Armani). Have researched notes, olfactive family and description, but am lost at the fragrance counter by the 3rd sample. b-t-w, husband remembers people and occasions by scent and says i smell "buttery" if that's a factor.
    Your expertise would be much appreciated (been reading the forum)...Thank you all.
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    Default Re: Advice Please 4 new fragrance

    There's a thread called "Just Starting Out" for beginners, you might find that helpful.

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    Default Re: Advice Please 4 new fragrance

    Hi there Pockets, welcome to BN. Ivoire by Balmain might make an interesting choice. But definitely stop over at the "Just starting out" page, you will find a lot of helpful info. Good luck
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    Lightbulb Re: Advice Please 4 new fragrance

    Thank you both, i shall re-post this ? on 'Just Starting Out' forum...

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