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    Default Making a unique scent from so so brands.

    Has anyone else experimented with pongy cheap perfume by adding your own esssential oils ?

    This is my latest craze, I just tend to add Sandalwood and Rose ab to mellow things out.

    Guerlain Vetiver takes on a whole different meaning with 5ml of Sandalwood and 3ml Bulgarian Rose Absolute. I did this to the Glacee Minty version.

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    Default Re: Making a unique scent from so so brands.

    Not with real perfumes, but I've done something like this with designer frag dupe oils. Can be fun and sometimes it gives you new ideas that you can take even further by creating something similar from scratch, using better materials.
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    Default Re: Making a unique scent from so so brands.

    Its good to see others experimenting. The other one I do is to mix perfumes together to see what happens, I mixed 1 part Guelain Shalimar to 10 parts Anai's Anai's by Cacheral to remove the Teeny Bopper smell from it. I can see those French perfumers glowing Red. lol

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    Default Re: Making a unique scent from so so brands.

    I often thought of doing this. I've got to say though that adding 5ml of Sandalwood or 3ml of Rose absolute to 100ml would make it very unbalanced to my nose. I would try maybe 1ml in 100ml; these are both pretty strong components.

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    Default Re: Making a unique scent from so so brands.

    I have done the same as Domingo, add my own EOs to a dupe. But for me it's not quite as satisfying as creating something from nothing so I've moved away from the practice. As for combining fragrances, I read a lot of that here as people "layer" different manufactured brands for effect by applying one, then others, on top. I think it's a great idea. But as for just mixing bottles before application - hey, anything goes!

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