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    Hi all!

    I remember my father wearing Musk for men when I was a child, and that I liked what it smelled like then. When I searched this brand it came up a lot of offerings that I have never heard of. Many of them seem very interesting, such as Andron, Grass Oil...

    Do you use/own/know any Jovan? What do you think of the brand? Would you suggest one for a blind buy? (There are a lot at very reasonable prices on ebay...) In Sweden it is impossible to find ANY Jovan bottle nowadays.

    Thanks in advance,
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    i simply adore Sex appeal (after shave cologne spray). it has perfect sillage and gives off a very well rounded trail which doesnt attack senses like the Edt does. i'd recommend you to stay away from the SA Edt and try to locate it's cologne spray, which imho, has a wonderful blend of warm spices.

    Jovan is very easily available in india.

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    Default Re: Jovan...

    I have used several bottles of Sex Appeal and Musk for men over about 20 years. Lovely frags, especially the musk.

    IMO i think they are safe blind buys, since you may not have the luxury of sampling.
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    I own Jovan Musk for Men and it reminds me a lot of Tabac EDC.

    Sex Appeal reminds me a bit of Old Spice.

    And Jovan White Musk for Men just smells terrific and is one of my favorites!

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    The Musk for Men is great, as is the White Musk. Sex Appeal? Good stuff. The women's musk oil is one of my very favorite cheap musks, and can, in a pinch, be classified as unisex.

    Grass Oil and Andron were very good frags, but both were also "oily Seventies sex beasts." (Grass Oil was the less animalic frag of the two, yes, but still very strong stuff. Like Andron it was/is Real Disco Stu stuff if over-applied.) Unfortunately, both now have the discontinued frag cachet that makes them so expensive that it's silly.

    Finding Jovan in Sweden must be a bit like finding Révillon frags, Ulric de Varens frags and the non-Tabac Mäurer & Wirtz frags here in the U.S.
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    Does Scentiments ship overseas? Jovan Musk is a nice fragrance with decent longevity and wears well on my skin. I've even had some nice compliments wearing it. I tend to wear it on super hot summer days. I've never had the courage to buy Sex Appeal, it's honestly kind of a beast, but every time I see it, I am tempted...
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    I agree with everyone else on the Sex Appeal and the Jovan Musk and White Musk.

    Another Jovan that I like is the Ginseng's a more contemporary fragrance that is well-blended, potent but not overpowering, and lasts forever (on me, a sillage slayer).
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