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    Default Different between EDC,EDP and EDT

    Eau De Cologne
    Eau De Parfum
    Eau De Toillette

    I'm just wondering what the difference between the three is in relevance to the sent and longevity etc. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the amount of alcohol and oil but I want that to be in relevant terms for me so I know which one is the best to buy. Thanks!

    Also, what does it mean if a cologne is a tester?
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    Default Re: Different between EDC,EDP and EDT

    The first few questions are where you'll find your answers.

    As for TESTERS... They are basically a store made version of a scent with no aesthetic qualities outside the original bottle. Some come without a cap and they sport a plain white box. They are mean to be used in stores a way to test a fragrance without buying it, like a free trial. The scent itself is they exact same, the bottle as well, so don't be nervous about buying a tester instead of the visually pleasant version. You save a few bucks with the testers as well.

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    Default Re: Different between EDC,EDP and EDT

    Thank you!

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