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    Default How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    I am a perfumer novice--not even a novice yet, actually, as I've yet to purchase any materials. I have been perusing,, and for useful info pertaining to EO/chemical usage, characteristics, etc. Can anyone recommend additional resources that are excellent tools for understanding the characteristics of and how to manipulate EOs/chemicals?

    A very basic inquiry--how do I store my EOs and chemicals once I acquire them? My original plan was to immediately dilute them to 1:10 with ethanol and work with them in that format, but now I realize that different EOs/chemicals need to be smelled/used at different concentrations. And I'm also wondering if immediately adding EtOH would make it difficult for me to create/blend/analyze scent combinations, as the alcohol smell might get in the way. Can someone please advise me on this? Should I store my EOs/chemicals in EtOH, or perhaps I was thinking fractionated coconut oil or DPG? So far, the best site I've found with dilution recommendations is Anywhere else I can get detailed info on recommended smelling/perfume concentrations?

    And now a question about aromachemicals--is it perfectly feasible to just add one or two to your scent mixture, or must a myriad of chems be mixed in order to be appreciable and useful? One thing I fear is that mixing chems is a very exact science with which I am not familiar. Is it possible to try to achieve a tuberose scent with certain chemicals, but because of the wrong proportions and concentrations, I would instead end up with a fish scent?

    Is there a place that has a very detailed overview of the different chemical musks available and exactly how they smell? What would you recommend for a soft, sweet, warm musk with no floral notes?

    Also, what chemicals are used to create a grainy/oaty type of scent?

    And lastly (for now), regarding perfume bottles--I want to use blue cobalt with an all-metal fine mist sprayer (from two different sources). Unfortunately, ALL boston rounds I've seen have the wrong neck finish for the sprayers I want. Am I doomed to plastic sprayers if I want blue cobalt glass? Can I use a 20-415 sprayer on a 20-400 bottle, or is that asking for trouble?

    Thank you all so much for any answers you can provide. This forum is such a wonderful resource for novice DIYers and I'm lucky to have stumbled upon it.


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    Default Re: How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    I'm a novice too, but I've bought & dilluted some things. I suggest keeping most of every concentrate you buy in its original container and experimenting with different dillutions. My experience is that most things smell different at different concentrations - 100%, 10%, 1%. Starting with essential oils I find that even 0.1% is easy to smell. I suspect most commercial perfumes have some components at 0.1% to just tweak the scent of the major components.

    The usual recommendation is to dilute with Everclear or the highest proof vodka you can find. I think the more alcohol the faster the evaporation. That's probably why a lot of internet recipes call for diluting with a mix of alcohol and deionized water.

    Get a notebook, write down everything you do, put labels on every bottle you mix, and have fun. I don't think you'll get anything that smells like fish.

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    Default Re: How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    I agree with ECaruthers that storing EOs in their original containers is best. For myself, I even mix the EOs without carrier oils or alcohol first to see how I like it. That may sit for about a week when I add PA or an oil to dilute it to "wearable" strength. Then I store in dark bottles with a label and in a ziplock bag.

    You'll find you quickly collect EOs so find places now to store them. I use plastic boxes with a tight seal but plastic ziplocks work very well too. Keep them away from light and if possible, heat. They should last a long, long time this way.

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    Default Re: How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    If you're going to keep EO's around for a pretty long time, it's definitely best to keep them out of the light and away from heat. I try to find the coolest cabinet in my house, but I have friends who use a cold room to store theirs.

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    Default Re: How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    I keep EO on a workbench in my basement. It's about 62 degrees F, and very little light.

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    Default Re: How do you store your EOs and aroma chemicals? +a few more novice questions....

    I recommend diluting a bit of each ingredient for experimenting with blends. You definitely don't want to work with undiluted substances. As was already mentioned, aromachemicals need to be diluted in order to get a true impression of their smell. I work with 10% and 1% dilutions. Some ingredients like indole and many of the aldehydes are overpowering unless used in trace amounts. Others, like some musks, seem to not have an odor unless diluted. As far as the smell of ethanol interfering, wait until the ethanol has completely evaporated before evaluating an odor.

    I highly recommend you join the yahoo perfumemaking group. You can find a lot of the information you're looking for there, as well as book recommendations to help get you started.

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