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    Default Fragrances on sensitive skin?

    Hi. I've got sensitive skin, which has reacted badly to lavender oil on my pillow. Are there fragrances which wouldn't be suitable for my skin? I've been using L'Occitane fragrances recently (Vetiver & Cedar), with no problems, and I'd like to get their L'Occitane EDT, but I'm a bit concerned because it does have lavender in it. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Fragrances on sensitive skin?

    I suppose you could have an allergy to something contained in lavender oil, or it could have been the strength of the oil. I don't usually have skin contact with the concentrated oils. Many, many men's fragrances have lavender in them, so be careful. Looks at the pyramids to see if a frag may have lavender in it.

    You can also try applying to fabric.
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    Default Re: Fragrances on sensitive skin?

    Another solution might involve simply, nearly commonplace solutions that usually work. I, for instance, have a "medium sensitive" skin and I usually apply fragrance on less damageable, less irritable portions of my skin, apply less fragrance, often choose the particular versions of a fragrance with less alcohol and even less perfume note concentration (the eau fraiche, eau sans alcool or EdC versions, instead of the EDT, perfume extract or EDP). Besides, as correctly remarked before, there are different levels of intensity in lavender oil, but before you get a new lavender-based fragrance, aside from searching the (likely) more vapid, yet less offensive version, also try to use a tester, to sample it (if your local perfume seller or perfume shop allow this to happen, without immediately buying) more days in a row, preferably on other places than just the wrist (again, if the firm policy allows the customer to do so), at different moments of the day and in different quantities and concentrations, in order to observe, as thoroughly and completely as possible, how you interact with this fragrance and this fragrance interacts with you, from a long-term perspective.
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