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    Default Beautyhabit sample program cancelled

    I tried for a week to get a straight answer out of Heidi, BH's customer service rep, as to why they canceled the sample program. I got a lot of fluff and an offer to discuss the matter by phone, but then I realized I was acting like a crazy person and didn't bother to call. From what I could tell, BH didn't see it as worth their time.

    However, if you will miss BH's sampling as I do already, write an email complaining. Perhaps enough emails will get them to change their mind. The address is

    I made the following points:
    1) I purchased 4 bottles last year based on samples I bought
    2) I won't buy bottles before I sample the fragrances
    3) Other retailers like Luckyscent and Aedes (use the names - this got me somewhere) still offer sampling thus you will have to order from them.
    4) I spent a lot of time going through BH's site because of the sampling program, and I am no longer interested in doing so.
    5) BH's claim of offering 'free samples with purchase' is heavily qualified and does not guarantee you will receive wanted samples, which is not acceptable seeing as though you just made a purchase.

    [note - I was given the 'fluff' line "we're happy to provide free samples upon purchase and are glad to know our customers will be getting samples they want!" Read that again, it makes no sense - if you're ordering samples from the sample program you're ALSO 'getting want you want', but upon purchase they WON'T guarantee to fill your requests, so you're not necessarily 'getting what you want'. Stupid.]

    6) I will not buy from BH because I don't think it's fair to buy samples from a retailer and the bottle somewhere else.

    Maybe enough of these emails will make a dent, maybe not. It's worth a shot!

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    Default Re: Beautyhabit sample program cancelled

    I'll email them. I've enjoyed their sample program very much in the past, and have purchased several fragrances from them based on my enjoyment of the samples they sent. It does not make sense to cancel the program, unless you figure that most of your business comes from people who are happy to buy blindly. I guess that excludes most of us here on Basenotes!

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