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    Default how do fragrance trends influence you?

    I'm curious to see what your attitude is toward wearing fragrances that are new, or "in style," vs. wearing older, possibly "out-of-style" or "played out" fragrances. Or even older ones that are trendy again. On the boards we often see reviews describing fragrances as smelling "dated" or as representing what was going on in the fragrance world at the time of their release (but presumably no longer).

    Now I'm sure there are going to be people who say they just wear what they want, when they want, but fragrances go through trends just like other fashions - do you find yourself taking this into consideration when choosing your scent? For example, people who are on the cutting edge might always be wearing the latest releases; others might wear nothing but fragrances that came out decades ago. A person in 2009 could develop a fascination for masculine gourmands, for example, but those in the know (in the nose?) might not perceive that person as being as up to date as a man wearing one of the newer/trendier masculine florals.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    And maybe I should add a question: what other trends are happening now or are on the horizon? I mentioned masculine florals, thinking of fragrances like Dior Homme and Fleur du Male, but what other trends seem to be developing?

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    I personally believe we find that scents smell dated because of olfactory associations with have with people who wore said frags during earlier points in our lives, not because of what the "trends" are doing.

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    I will try any frag I haven't tried before. It doesn't matter what era it's from or it's trendy. For instance, I just "discovered" Polo. Believe it or not, I had never tried it until about a month ago. I care not the it's played out; it's terrific stuff. If I was 20 years old, perhaps I would write off some frags as being too old, but at my age, I am willing to try just about anything.

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    Yeah, very little impact here with the exception of the trends sometimes showing me something new to try. I have my favorites and they're going to keep being my favorites regardless of them being the fashionable thing to wear.
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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    Old or new is relative. I have never smelled Shalimar or anything remotely familiar on anyone older that I personally know. As such - it smells new to me. I'm only aware of trends by noting the kind of talks on BN and occasionally seeing which category in Michael Edwards' book keep getting bigger.

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    I actually think this is a more interesting question than it might at first appear.

    Whilst the questioner rightly points out there there are those that just wear what they want to wear, it does have wider implications.

    I, for one, am delighted that perfumiers are exploring male florals again. We have been drowning in "fresh zesty aquatic/citrus" fragrances for what seems to be an age. Before that it was very woody fragrances.

    The fact is that in the Victorian era and before, florals were the domain of men before the women's market hi-jacked the floral market and male florals were ignored.

    I'm wearing Hammam Bouquet at the moment, one of the greatest male floral fragrances ever created in my opinion. I put it on five or six hours ago and it still smells absolutely fantastic, rich, opulent and distinguished. None of those three adjectives could be used to describe many designer fragrances on the market today.

    We have seen tinkerings with Iris with the likes of Dior Homme, but I want to see more high florals being blended for men. Yes we have some great rose based fragrances coming to the fore, but they still tend to be in the niche sector. Rose in all its incarnations will always be a favourite with me. Hammam Bouquet was once a "trendy" fragrance when it was first formulated in the back end of the 1800s to evoke the trend for Turkish baths in the Jermyn Street area of London's West End. But I like darker rose fragrances too, so the reintroduction of Dark Rose by C&S is welcome.

    I fall into the category of those who wear what they want regardless of fashion. Indeed I am more likely to wear something because it's not trendy than because it is. But that is more to do with my own belligerence than anything else. I don't want to smell like everyone else, so I would rather make that statement more often than not than follow whatever zeitgeist is currently dictating.
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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    Short answer: They keep things interesting.

    Long answer: Case in point, the new unapologetically synthetic mass-market frags. When synthetics took over the mainstream in the 90's, they were mostly still trying to smell like chypres or orientals, even if they came off as cheap and wrong. It was fake-smelling bergamot and moss, but it was still trying to be bergamot and moss. Even most "fresh" scents just put chemical "freshness" over the top of scents that were blended based on classic ideas of fragrance-building. In the past couple of years, we're seeing people embrace scents that don't try to smell classic at all - they don't want to smell like anything natural, they want to mimic pleasant synthetic smells like lollipops (Harajuku Lovers) and soda (L'Eau per Kenzo).

    To use a slightly awkward metaphor, remember in the 70's and 80's when vegetarian food was just starting to be mass-marketed? It was always vegetarian versions of popular meat items (remember Sizzlean? Or meatless meat-loaf?) and it was usually pretty horrible. Eventually, people realized that the better way to go was with food that was naturally good and vegetarian (falafel, vegetable-based pasta dishes), instead of bad copies of meat. Uber-synthetic fragrances are following that same trend. They spent their first decade or so making bad copies of non-synthetic scents, and they're only now gaining the confidence and expertise to give that up and simply smell like artificial things that people like.

    And that is opening up whole new doors - I can easily imagine whole new genres happening soon (fizzy? metallic?).

    And that's exciting.

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    I am greatly influenced by current trends: whatever they are I want to make sure I do the absolute opposite!
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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    We don't follow fashion
    That would be a joke
    You know we're gonna set them, set them
    So ev'ryone can take note, take note

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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    Possible very little or, if the influence is strong, then in an unusual way. I hardly ever choose a fragrance because it's "hip" and my local retailer or the perfume manufacturer, who just created something new, aggressively market it, since, most of the fragrances aggressively depicted and promoted as the next best thing are, in 70-80% of the cases, much less than their marketing startegies promise. It doesn't mean that I might try them out of sheer curiosity, but this is where it usually stops, although not deliberately, it seems that I'm never fond enough of them, in order to buy them and to turn them into permanent companions. However, I tend to show more group-thinking and conformist behavior when it comes to classics, even modern classics, the scents either established all by themselves or, partially, thanks to their fragrance house, because, even if I like conservative scents, I hardly go out to them in a biased and to favorable way, yet, even when I specifically, deliberately try to avoid something classic, old-school or traditional, I often get hooked on it and to see my hopes exceeded by far, in a good sense of the word. In a nutshell: if I'm going to try a too recent or too aggressively marketed scent, I'll probably tend to avoid it (even if some exceptions confirm the rule), if I stumble upon a classic, even involuntarily, it's highly likely I'll end up with it.
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    Default Re: how do fragrance trends influence you?

    Personally i like frags for what they were originally created to be, regardless of creation date or current trends. However, period-wise it seems most scents nowadays are made to be inoffensive and "office-friendly". I started using scents in the late 70's when frags were quite original in character, as well as unapologetic. So in that wise i would say i tend towards the so-called "dated" frags.

    However, putting tinfoiled's question in another perspective,it would be interesting to hear the response of a parfumeur or established critic.
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