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Thread: Edible scents?

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    Default Edible scents?

    It would be cool to use different fragrances in cooking. Does anyone know of a guide to what's edible & what's not?

    There are two parts to this. Some of the basic materials are obviously edible - orange, lemon, etc. Also roses are used in cooking. But how about other flowers? Smoke from woods flavors foods, but what about extracts? And I remember that nicotene from tobacco is a poisen.

    The second part is, what has been added in extraction or dilution? Denatured alcohol is obviously bad. What about jojoba oil or other oils that might have been used?


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    Default Re: Edible scents?

    In short just about any mass-produced fragrance is not safe for ingestion. I won't say it'll kill you because I've never been one to test it, but many of the chemicals are toxic. There are a few natural perfumes that might be okay, but I couldn't say for sure, Dimitri might know.
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    Default Re: Edible scents?

    A new book by Mandy Aftel addresses this very issue. Aftel is an artisan perfumer and Patterson is a chef.

    Aroma: The Magic of Essential Oils in Foods and Fragrance by Mandy Aftel and Daniel Patterson

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    Default Re: Edible scents?

    That is neat! It sounds like an interesting read.

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    Default Re: Edible scents?

    Go to Mandy Aftel's website, ??

    She sells "food perfumes". Essential oils for coking that are aromatic.

    They are so tempting.

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