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    Default Anyone want to swap some perfume samples?

    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to the wonderful world of fragrance and this is the first time I've ever posted anything to an online forum (ever!) so be gentle with me! I was wondering if anyone is like me and orders lots of perfume samples to try, then ends up with some that they aren't so keen on, thinking "what a waste, someone out there might love this scent".

    Well, just in case, here is a list of samples which I have, and a list of perfume houses whose samples I would like to try. If anyone wants to do a swap on anything, just let me know.

    I Have Available to Swap:
    • Floris of London "Malmaison" - 2ml sample in glass vial on card
    • "Rose Kashmiri" by Parfums de Rosine - 1ml sample from Les Senteurs in London
    • "Terracotta Voile D'Ete" by Guerlain - 1ml sample vial.
    • L'Artisan Parfumeur" L'Oiellet Sauvage" 1ml sample vial
    • Giorgio Armani "L'Onde Mistere" 1ml sample vial
    • "Carnation" by Mona D'Orio, 1ml vial in card from Les Senteurs, London
    • "Tuberose Indiana" by Creed of Paris. 1ml sample vial
    • L' Artisan Parfumeur "Patchouli Patch" - 3/4 of a 1ml vial.

    I'm Looking For:
    • ANY Serge Lutens samples.
    • ANYTHING by Ava Luxe, except "Midnight Violet" and "Bakir" (which gorgeous scents I already have).
    • Anything from Commes Des Garcons Series 3 (incense)
    • Any scent by Diptych or Parfums Historiques
    • I like most perfumes with an incense note.

    Best wishes everyone
    Linda H

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    Default Re: Anyone want to swap some perfume samples?

    Hi Linda! Welcome to Basenotes!

    I have a few samples and some "incensey" stuff you might like. I'll have to look through my box of samples. Only problem is that I live in the United States. I don't mind sending samples overseas. The only problem is do you mind sending yours?

    Happy sniffin'.
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    Default Re: Anyone want to swap some perfume samples?

    Hi there! No, I am happy to send mail to the USA.
    Linda H

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    Default Re: Anyone want to swap some perfume samples?

    Glad you are being pro-active!

    Even more good news - There is a marketplace for this type of thing on Basenotes! I'm not being sarcastic - I just don't know if you had noticed yet!

    Most people just list bottles for sale or swap, but some of us like to post sample swap threads just like yours on there!

    Check it out!
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    Default Re: Anyone want to swap some perfume samples?

    Thanks! I didn't know that (well, I did warn you that I'm a very new newbie!) but I'll head on over now and take a look.

    Best wishes to you
    Linda H

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