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    Smile Updating wardrobe

    I often look at peoples wardrobes and am sometimes disappointed at them. I update my wardrobe as soon as I buy, test or add to my wishlist, and also add reviews if I feel strongly about a fragrance or if it has little reviews. I like to make it publicly viewable so people can view it if they wish. I understand aren't as bothered as I am about, but I like to see how other people rate frags and what else they recommend. I organize the wardrobe in the following way:

    Collection - the ones I currently own
    Owned - The frags I have owned in the past but would never buy again
    Tried - All the frags that I have ever tried
    Test List - All the frags that I have heard good things about and would like to test
    Wishlist - The frags that I have tried and definately want to purchase in the future.

    Does anybody else do this in the same way and are as thorough as I am, would like to hear your comments
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    Current Top Favorites:
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    2) BOND No.9 New York Oud
    3) LUBIN Idole de Lubin (eau de parfum)
    4) MONT BLANC Legend Intense
    5) CHARRIOL Eau de Parfum pour Homme
    6) YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense
    7) DIOR La Collection Privée - Ambre Nuit
    8) SCENTSTORY 24 Gold
    9) HERMES Voyage d'Hermès Parfum
    10) LATTAFA Ameer Al Oudh

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I do it the same way, except the test list part, because I haven't used the option yet, but I surely will.
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I agree and do it that way except for the "tested/tried" part. There's just too, too many to list.
    I also understand that some people may not wish to share that information or may simply not want to be bothered with going through the process. I respect that too.
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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I just updated my test list, because I had printed a list with them.. so not that big deal.
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I'm thorough when it comes to what I own, either bottles or decants. I only occasionally update my wishlist and I've stopped bothering to add things to 'tried' if I don't have a sample. I've come to rely on the test list to track my samples, and if I don't keep it updated I end up ordering duplicate samples.

    My Collection = bottles (15ml or greater)
    Test List = samples and decants
    Wishlist = stars means I want a bottle, no stars means I want a sample
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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    i only list the ones that i own. because i really don't believe in buying samples with the exception to ( Bond, Montale ) unless the samples are free in some form or fashion.

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I agree, I love and religously use the wardrobe function. I add, to my wardrobe, not when I buy, but when I have received my purchase. I don't, however, use the Tried tab (I really should though), I just keep things that I want to try and things I want to buy all together in the Wishlist. I have been meaning for the longest time to update my Tried tab, with the myriad of samples I have, but just never get around to it. Maybe sometime this week.

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    i do it
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    Looking for lot of samples of female fragrances.

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    Default Re: Updating wardrobe

    I tend to fall behind a bit. My wardrobe is up to date now though.

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