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    Default Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    Hi Folks, my very first post although I've been lurking in these forums for a while.

    Thanks for opening up my eyes, or should I say my nose!

    As I travel a lot and have time to spend at airports, I started testing all the different male fragrances. Spraying yourself with something you are going to dislike can be a sickening experience afterwards, especially if you're trapped on a plane. Not just for you but for your fellow passengers! I made that mistake once, never again!

    During my experimenting I came across a fragrance which in part I have fallen in love with. This is where I need expert advice and hope my post is not wasted in this small section of the forum.

    I am absolutely hooked on the drydown of Amen Pure Coffee, and I'm looking for a fragrance that has the same, or similar drydown effect. I am not after a coffee scent, and A*Men does not have the sophistication of Amen Pure Coffee's drydown, although I like the residue smell left on the spray spout of A*Men. Unfortunately it just doesn't smell like that on my skin.

    I am disappointed that Amen Pure Coffee is a limited edition hence my search now, before I'm unable to buy another bottle. I look forward with anticipation for Terry Muglers Amen Malt fragrance.

    If you are familiar with Amen Pure Coffee, and you know of a fragrance that has the same drydown smell, then I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

    Sorry for the long post!

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    Default Re: Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    try animale animale for men.... but make sure it's the "animale animale" and not just "animale" the frag with only one term is disgusting, but the fragrance with both words is a wonderfully soft gourmand coffee/chocolate scent
    At your service

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    Default Re: Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    Thanks for the quick reply, but just to make it clear again I'm not after the coffee effect in Amens Pure Coffee, but the drydown which to my nose has some patchouli and musk and other scents which I can't name. It's dry, slightly earthy, woody with just a hint of sweetness. Once the intial coffee spike has disappeared there's some magic going on that I want to capture. (my wife really loves it!)

    Some fragrances I'm discovering have a very focussed scent with one peak...It's the only way I can describe this as I'm learning. Others fragrances though can be broader with no peak, and some are like mountain vistas!

    I really have to learn a vocabulary to describe this. Anyway the drydown in pure coffee has more going on than I can describe scentwise, and it's more like a mountain vista.

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    Default Re: Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    I just read the review of animale animale and I definitely will try it out. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    Although I've never tried Pure Coffee, I have a feeling you might like Polo Double Black...

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    Default Re: Amen Pure Coffee Drydown

    I didn't get a chance to try Pure Coffee, but have you tried Thierry Mugler's Ice*Men? It's got a slight (to my nose) iced coffee note and lots of patchouli, also a touch of mint. Not as heavy as A*Men. It sounds like that would be something you should try,

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