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    Question Help the newbie!


    I need some help regarding fragrances. I'd like to buy some products that are not available in Finland (I don't find the selection to be that good + looking for something more unique). Thus far I've ordered from fragrancedirect, as I understand it's pretty cheap place + I think I don't need to pay any extra taxes for any amount of purchase.

    Here's what I have or have had in past and some comments:

    Dirty English (aftershave): I like this very much, not too sweet yet spicy, lasts 2-3hrs even as aftershave.

    Laura Biagiotti, Roma Uomo: One I used for some time, first thought it was very pretty, but after some weeks it began to disgust me in all it's sweetness

    Pi by Givenchy: as above, all too sweet for me, can't wear it anymore

    Baby Blue Jeans by Versace: nice citrus, but not what I'm looking wear now and then

    Acqua Di Gio: gave it away, just didn't work on my skin, vanished after 30min + couldn't find any depth in it

    Blue Jeans by Versace: the first impression would be that this beats it's baby brother, but after a while the sweetness becomes too much

    Puma Flowing: Too minty, and starts to approach the grandpa department imo.

    Nicole Farhi Homme: a thing of beauty, my absolute favourite right now. Contains some sweet flavours, but not overdone. Very wintery mood fragrance imo.

    So I'm looking for something different. Sweet frags are no-no for me as are those grandpa scents too. My skin seems to be oily and I perspire more than the guy next to me, so perhaps something light but not too light. As I said, there is something in Nicole Farhi Homme that simply caught me.

    I'm open for suggestions, and most likely will buy my next frags blindly based on the reviews of you wise ones

    If you have any idea of a pretty unique (but reasonably cheap) fragrance for a 24-year-old sporty guy who hates all those too-well-known scents that pass you by every day, please feel free to suggest.

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    Try Gant Adventure, Givency Ultramrine or Herrera Chic ......

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    I think if you poke around this board for long enough you'll get lots of ideas.

    Also, since you're in Europe I'd recommend you check out, poke around the different lines and look for notes that appeal to you. You can order samples of nearly all fragrances for a few Euros, and the samples they prepare are fairly large (2.5ml). It's a great way to try different things without committing to a full bottle purchase that you may not like.

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    Maybe you'd like Narciso Rodriguez - for Him.. perfect for winterdays like Finnland, it's a musky cucumber fragrance, and I gave it 5 out 5 (best..)
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