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    Default Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    Which Parfumerie Generale fragrances has the most pronounced sandalwood? I see sandalwood or "precious woods" listed in the pyramid for quite a few of their fragrances. In general, I'd like to know which of them makes the best use, in your opinion, of that note. On a specific PG fragance, Intrigant Patchouli, how good is the patchouli/sandalwood accord?

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    Based on personal experience in testing and using PG frags, I've found the sandalwood in Bois de Copaiba and Cadjmere to be the most pronounced. To be honest I don't detect much sandalwood in Intrigant Patchouli, it's more about the musky patchouli than anything else.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    I'll second Amit's opinion. There's another PG with sandalwood but it's escaping me right now.... I'll have to post back when I think of it. None has a particularly pronounced sandalwood that I can think of. I own Intigrant Patchouli, and sandalwood is a minor player, more enhancing the accord then being a distinctive part of it. Overall, the primary patchouli accord is very good... a touch on the sweet side but not overwhelmingly so.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    I third the Cadjmere vote.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    I "third" the Bois De Copaiba , out of all the PG's I've tested, it's definitely strongest in this one. However, I must still state, that it's only detectable at the very end of the drydown and not strongly either (but definitely there). I don't pick it up even that strongly in Cadjmere either. They really are there just as support and not used as a prominant note at all. I have tested over five/sixth's of PG's fragrances, and the only ones I have left yet to test are his "fresher" or "citrus-y" one's - and I very much doubt that it will be used any stronger in any of these either. (But seeing I've not actually tested these yet, don't take it as "gospel"). But I do suggest if you want a sandalwood dominant fragrance, you might have to look elsewhere,
    The Patchouli in "Intrigant Patchouli" is gorgeous but light and "clean" - with zero detectable sandalwood, to my nose. (But I highly recommend it anyway, it is a stunning fragrance which has a lovely "peek-a-boo" sillage. (strong then dissapears, then reappears at the most unexpected times.)
    And Cadjmere is one of his "creamiest" scents, one of my top five of the moment (actually for years now, I never seem to tire of it!) ....Hope this helps, any way !

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    Actually your post has just prompted me to re test IPatch' , and yes if you are looking for it, you can tell that sandalwood is a supporting note. It supplies it with a lovely warmth and smoothness, getting slighly stronger in the drydown. But the Patchouli is still much stronger and I don't think you would be able to tell the Sandalwood was in there, unless you were looking for it.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    Thanks, I appreciate the replies.

    How about Ombre Fauve? It's one of those with a non-specific "woods" accord listed in the notes. Are they talking about cedar or sandalwood or..... ? Also, Un Crime Exotique has South Seas sandalwood in its notes. I've run into this before, most specifically in Ava Luxe's Royal Parvati. It's good but not in the league of Mysore. Any opinions on Crime Exotique?

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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    I think I'm a bit too late for this thread as all have been said and done.

    I'd like to add L'ombre Fauve in as one of the more sandalwood-prominent PGs. It's equally present along with the animalic amber. As a side note, it's also my SoTD today.

    Un Crime Exotique's focus is not on the sandalwood, but instead -- osmanthus and gingerbread. (more of a floral gourmand with sandalwood faaaar into the drydown, and even then -- it's mostly buried in the typical vanilla-fest with a hint of birch tar)

    As for Bois de Copaiba, there is nothing much as I can say at the moment as I have trouble with most scents that are heavy on the orange blossom, and BdC is definitely heavy on it. (Cuir Mauresque included)
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    Default Re: Sandalwood in Parfumerie Generale fragrances

    Not late at all, moltening - thanks for your thoughts.

    On paper, L'Ombre Fauve sounds perfect for me, but you know how the ad copy can completely hypnotize you. Un Crime Exotique sounds a tad sweet for me.

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