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    Default Tommy Girl or Boy? Summer

    "Our clothing beloved Tommy Hilfiger will launch a duo limited edition summer cologne, for both male and female, like the title says. Tommy Boy, and Tommy Girl will be launched in February or March, probally the last, because I haven't seen them yet. Tommy Girl Summer is said to be a summer refreshion splash with notes of cassis sorbet, mandarin, watery freesia, soft rose and sandalwood. Looks more to an icecream if you'd ask me. "Fragrance for women Tommy Summer Girl 2009 includes a cocktail of aromas of currant bud and leaf, mandarin, delicate and aquatic freesia, with rose and sandalwood accords. It is available as 100 ml EDT, as a limited edition." Tommy Boy will be a Fuel for Life like fragrance if I'm right. Described as described as a cool woody scent. The perfume contains marine notes, calabrian bergamot, blood orange and juniper berries. "Masculine edition Tommy Summer Cologne 2009 enjoys freedom and energy of summer, and it introduces cheerful aromas of Calabrian bergamot, red orange and juniper berries. To view image with both Boy an Girl bottle click here. The perfume is also available as 100 ml EDT, as a limited edition." I know it's just me saying, but I don't except a best seller for these two. Tommy Hilfiger didn't launch all that great perfumes, but who am I to say these are bad?"

    I did copy my blogarticle.. so what do you think?
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Tommy Girl or Boy? Summer

    All summer editions of tommy are done well . Go with which one you like. If you prefer the ladies then wear the ladies . Fragrance should know no gender.

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    Default Re: Tommy Girl or Boy? Summer

    Hmm.. just need a few more opinions like that and I'd probally try.. haha
    unico grande amore.

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