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    Smile Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille = burning vanilla candle!

    Ok, since I *never* get any compliments on my scents, I think this is worth a new topic.

    I was in a café with some friends (m/f), went to the toilet where I also reapplied some Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille from an atomizer (half a spritz on my neck), and got back to the group.

    When sitting down, a friend remarked:

    "Wooow, what's smelling so nice? Is it this candle?" (begins sniffing candle that was burning on our table)
    -- "No, it's Stereotomy!"
    "Hey yeah, you smell nice, like a vanilla candle"

    And darn, they're right! Tobacco Vanille actually *does* smell like a burning vanilla scented candle.

    It definitely has this waxy smell of a burning candle in it, and the vanilla is surely more apparent than the tobacco, which is more subdued. But hey, this stuff definitely got some sillage!
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille = burning vanilla candle!

    I've noticed the same thing. I just think that this is a very well-weighted, high quality and expensive candle, if this is the similarity..

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