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    Default really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    Yesterday, I checked out a local Dillards, and was astonished to see a tester of Jicky EdT.

    I've been wanting a bottle of this for quite some time, so I was excited that I might score one last night...but alas, not a single bottle left in stock--the tester was an orphan. The SA assured me that they do ordinarily stock it, though she hadn't noticed any laying around since Christmastime. Bummer.

    In any case, I picked up the tester, gave 2 shots on my wrist, and my GF sprayed 5 shots on a heavy paper smelling card. Smelled fine, about the way I remembered it. Then we moved along.

    No more than a half hour later, I could barely detect anything left on my wrist. Just the faintest hint. My GF pulled the smelling card out of her purse and handed it to me. Nothing. NOTHING! Disappeared without a trace!

    We were both utterly baffled. What happened here? Anyone have any insights about this?

    Will I need to focus on acquiring a bottle in a stronger concentration to get any joy out of this one?

    ...or should I just cross Jicky off my Holy Grail Shopping List?

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    Jicky lasts a long time on my skin. Try to hunt down Monsieur de Mouchier. A more civilized and smoother version of Jicky and imo a Guerlain essential.

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    Jicky lasts not brilliantly but well on me. I'd encourage you to try it again several times. Is it possible that you need to learn what it smells like before you can detect the (relatively) subtle drydown clearly? I've had that experience before, especially early in my smelling career. There's some combination of olfactory fatigue and not quite knowing what you're smelling for that can be very distressing. Try again before you give up on this beautiful frag.

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    Well, there's the rub: I'm fairly familiar with the frag, and I wasn't sniffing other scents at the time.

    I had a TPC decant a while back, and it didn't disappear this way at all. I'm sure it was the EdT.

    Maybe the department store's tester was cooked/spoiled or something? It was almost empty.

    Hmm, the mystery persists.

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    I love Jicky but I cannot lie - I get about 2-3 hours on my skin with a heavy application of the EdT. I bought the EdP and am very happy with it. Another possibility, as suggested above, is to check out Mouchoir de Monsieur, which is closely related to Jicky - a little more citrus and a little stronger (than the EdT), and an overall top notch fragrance.

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    My guess is that it was probably quite an old tester, and has been on display for some time. Although Jicky is no heavyweight, it should certainly have greater longevity than you have described. I would persist in your search for a decent example, it is certainly worth it.

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    Default Re: really really really disappointed by...Jicky(!!!)

    I ALWAYS have that experience of a fragrance completely disappearing on me when I test them in store. I don't understand the physics, chemistry or psychology of it.

    The only way I can really test a fragrance is to put it on in the morning and wear it to work. Not around a store and not around my home because there are too many other distracting aromas there that I'm probably not even aware of. My work is relatively 'fragrance-neutral' and that environment allows me to detect and appraise whatever I'm wearing.

    When I first bought Bulgari PH I couldn't smell it at home. Weeks later, after trying it many times with the same result, I wore it to work one day. Then the magic erupted!

    I've never tried Jicky. I really want to. From what I understand it would be no shrinking violet. Give it another shot!

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