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    Default Re: looking for something lemony/limey

    O de Lancome is a great lemony fragrance - according to the marketing, it's for women, but the scent is definitely unisex.

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    Default Re: looking for something lemony/limey

    I'll second that: O de Lancome is like a more concentrated eau de cologne citrus.
    In fact, have you explored the interesting world of Eaux de Cologne? I love their citrussy smack and don't mind reapplying regularly. Guerlain's Eaux have a massive reputation and Roger and Gallet's Extra Vieille is good too. Some of the guys here are real experts on the subject - do a search for threads on the subject.
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    Default Re: looking for something lemony/limey

    You might try YSL's Live Jazz if you can find a sampler of it anywhere (YSL seems to hate distributing this one for some reason). It has a pretty powerful lemon peel note to it, along with mint, which a lot of people seem to hate. It's fairly unique for a mass market citrus frag, worth a shot.

    Another good one which I haven't seen mentioned here is Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet -- supposedly the fragrance Winston Churchill wore. Unusual in that it's a citrus from 1902, long long before citrus frags really hit the mass market, since most modern citrus rely on new synthetic notes. The lemon/lime notes in this really last compared to a lot of the synthetic citrus.

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