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    Default Fleur Du Male: Some bottles "dirtier" than others?

    I first tested FdM about a year or so ago at a Macy's and gave myself a fairly concentrated spray on the back of my wrist. I remember it being extremely woody, almost like pure petitgrain oil but with a dirty indolic presence too. It was one of the few perfumes I actually scrubbed off.

    Now, recently I've retested it from a sample and find that from the very opening notes and onward it is elegant and beautiful. There is a woodiness present in the topnotes, but it's perfectly balanced. Now the woods don't seem overtly dirty or "Kouros-like", as some have described FdM, but instead present to add depth and a masculine edge to what would otherwise be a decidedly feminine composition.

    Is it possible that the tester at Macy's had turned? I suppose it could just be a shift of perception that occurs over time, but it seems unlikely. Of course, I used to detest M7 and I now love it.

    Has anyone noticed that some bottles of FdM are dirtier than others, or perhaps their own bottle has 'turned' or changed in some way over time?

    It's strange because I used to hate everything Mr. Kurkdjian has done and now I absolutely love FdM and Narciso Rodriguez for Him. Amazing what a little time and sniffing can do .
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    Default Re: Fleur Du Male: Some bottles "dirtier" than others?

    I doubt you're dealing with a batch variation with this one. Almost every time I revisit my bottle of Fleur du Male, it strikes me differently. Sometimes I get that petitgrain vibe you're talking about. Sometimes FdM smells like chewing on the leftover wooden stick that came with an orange dreamsicle. But then sometimes it's a lot more floral. Then sometimes I get something that reminds me of Kouros. Even at times, I notice something of a marijuana smell in FdM.

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