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    Default Anyone Familiar with Reflets D'Eau Rochas?

    I saw this one advertised at Beauty Encounter.

    It's not reviewed here and I don't recall it being discussed (maybe there's a reason?) I like other Rochas fragrances and was curious about this one.

    This is BE's description:

    A fragrance to showcase who you are as a man. Bold, daring, adventurous -- an undeniably modern balance of crisp citrus, savory spices, this fragrance is a dreamy floral and rich woods, for a man of international appeal.
    Fragrance Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Tangerine, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Water Lily, Violet, Melon, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

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    Default Re: Anyone Familiar with Reflets D'Eau Rochas?

    Hi! I'm very much into Rochas scents and have this one as well...
    The top notes of the Homme version (especially tangerine) are very dominant and longlasting, though not too sweet! Currently, I therefore like this one more than plain "Eau de Rochas (pour) Homme" (old and new formula).
    It is said that "Reflets D'Eau Rochas" (both Femme and Homme) was issued in 2006 only as a limited series, so bottles are mostly available in some online shops and also not too cheap.
    I only saw them once at Brussels airport in early 2007, and never again

    It's recommendable if you like tangerine with a woody drydown. Something different than "normal" citrus scents...

    I also gave the Femme version away as a gift and could smell it once up to now: the Femme version has not such a dominant tangerine top note and you can smell more of the nutmeg... I cannot tell about the base notes though

    Both are quite nice, especially the Homme version that is good to be worn in semi-cold weather, as it lasts longer than the two citrus scents "Eau de Rochas (pour) Homme".

    Hope I could've helped!

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    Default Re: Anyone Familiar with Reflets D'Eau Rochas?

    Interesting - I've always seen the Reflets on a couple websites and never knew anyone who tried it.


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    Default Re: Anyone Familiar with Reflets D'Eau Rochas?

    Weird timing, I found this when researching Rochas frags just last week. Anyone else tried it?

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