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    If not now, when?

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    Default Last year, February 2008, you bought ___ and a year later...?

    Continuing on from last month's thread, what scent did you buy last year and post on the Today I Bought (February 2008) thread (which BTW, has both February and March on the same was bunched together that month).

    Your purchase(s) - did you keep it, love it, hate it, etc.


    Catalyst by Halston - this was recommended to me a ton of times on my cinnamon thread and I found it for pennies on Ebay so I bought a partially used bottle blind. I could never quite enjoy the rough, synthetic aldehydic top notes. I remember comparing it to Witness by Bogart. But in Witness, the rough top notes blow off and warm up to a wonderful comfy cinnamon/clove accord. Catalyst stays pretty rough the entire duration. So, I gave it to my Dad and he loves it. He was a little freaked out by the scientific/beaker looking bottle, but he liked the way it smelled.

    Comme des Garcons EdP by Comme des Garcons - I got this in a trade from Ruggles. This was one of those scents that I always sprayed on every time I went to a local perfume store on Lincoln Road. I kept trying to figure it out. I learned finally, a little goes a long way and it works it magic better in cooler weather. I don't reach for it all of the time, but it's not that kind of fragrance. And yes - it does smell like medicine. Which is why I like it.

    Monk by Michael Storer - was a gift. I did not like it. I gave it at least five or six wearings...but in the end found it very annoying. Milk chocolate powder. Cheap incense. And something that smelled like aromatic bitters (used in cocktails). Blech.

    Opium Pour Homme EdP by YSL - got this in a trade. The sprayer broke when I first got it, but I just decanted it into a new atomizer. LOVE this stuff. Just like the CdG, a little goes a long way. It also garners compliments too. But in Miami, it has to be worn appropriately since in the heat this scent can get wonky.

    Trussardi Uomo by Trussardi. The bottle looks like a wallet with an atomizer sticking out of the billfold. Seriously. The smell? See Catalyst above. Ditto.

    Lime Tonic by Malin + Goetz I took it on my European summer vacation. When I arrived off the plane in Copenhagen, Denmark (extremely jet lagged) I had breakfast and took a nap. When Ray and I woke up it was early afternoon, we were all excited to be on vacation, my first trip to Europe...rushing to get dressed to go explore. I wore Lime Tonic that afternoon. The smell of LT will always be mixed with that moment. It smells like lime rind and some strange chemical fizziness (Alka Seltzer?) and needs to be over applied to stick. Which is why I no longer own it, I used up my entire 1 oz bottle in a few months.

    Harissa, Palisander and Rose (Series 2: Red) by Comme des Garcons. I got all three for Valentine's Day '08 (you red series? Valentines?). Ended up selling the Rose not because I didn't like it (I love it) but I wanted to get a larger bottle that I haven't gotten yet. I also sold Harissa. I wore it when I got sick and it grossed me out ever since. Moral of the story: DO NOT WEAR FRAGRANCE when you are sick. I still own the Palisander but am considering selling it, due to it's linear birch note.

    Rum Tonic by Malin + Goetz. Nice but TOO MUCH RUM for me mixed with a sweet watery accord that ended up smelling like I had spilled a Rum Ice-ee all over my body. Sold it.

    Arpege Pour Homme by Lanvin. Got it in a trade blind. Hated it. Sold it.

    Black Aoud by Montale. LOVE IT! I got the small bottle. Which should last me until I die this stuff is so strong.
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    Default Re: Last year, February 2008, you bought ___ and a year later...?

    Creed Silver Mountain Water (30ml bottle): If I remember correctly, it was bought off Ruggles (thanks again). Loves it. Summer staple and the weirdest metallic aquatic scent I own. Still own it.
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    Default Re: Last year, February 2008, you bought ___ and a year later...?

    Wasn't actively participating in BN back then, so to properly participate in the thread I'll have to wait until later on in the year. But I believe I purchased Bulgari Pour Homme back in February. I used a ton of it back then, but it sits hardly ever being used right now. I don't know why it just bores me now, I still think it smells amazing, but it does not interest me enough to wear it. :Sigh:

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    Default Re: Last year, February 2008, you bought ___ and a year later...?

    Nice idea Mike

    I bought Tauer's L'air du Desert Marocain this month a year ago,... still wildly in love with it, though its slipped a little from my rotation - mainly due to having a larger collection one year on.
    I've just checked and my bottle is still about 65% full... measured application it would appear of this tremendous scent

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Last year, February 2008, you bought ___ and a year later...?

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