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    Default Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    Any good or a complete waste of money?
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    I've never tried the body wash, but the SMW soap is awesome.
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    It's pretty good - It has a nice balance of being true to the scent without being overly perfumed or strong. I really like the Erolfa body wash as well.
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    I own the SMW body wash and I think it's great. I even use it in my hair too. I notice that my bathroom smells like it too for a day after I use it!

    Every time I do use it though I am still reminded of Sean John Unforgivable, even though most on BN insist they smell nothing alike (aka "no! It smells like Creed MI!!").

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    Why buy the body wash when you can spend that money into the EdP?
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    i have the body wash too and i think its really sticks to your skin and you can smell it everywhere....that and a little cologn and you can smell it all day!!

    i have to get the erolfa kinda now.

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    Just stick with the fragrance. Even though I have NO experience with the SMW body wash or soap, I can imagine that it would not go through the interesting progression and evolution from fresh, aquatic and different, to sweet, musky and sexy that the parfum goes through.

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    What if you mixed the millesime with regular unscented soap or bodywash?
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water Body Wash

    I think Creed shower gels smell divine. I bought all of them to match with the Creeds that I bought but then I realized that Creeds don't last on me so I got rid of most of them. I remember using Erolfa & GIT shower gels. They were amazing. Never tried SMW shower gel though.

    Shower gels compliment the fragrance & are great for days when you wan't to be fragrance free as one can just use the shower gels & their very light scent stays close to the skin.

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