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    I have GFF Men from Gianfranco Ferre for many years now and remembered that I was totally taken with the floral notes and the top notes were just simply delicious. Did end up with a 200 ml bottle of it as I found it rather exhilirating. Sadly enough, it did not get much use over the years due to the never ending additions but every time I do use it, I begin to appreciate it more as it is such an unusual floral woody scent. Read somewhere that the notes include bergamote, lemon, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood. I'm sure I could smell lily of the valley somewhere ...... anyway with a bit of rain today and a cool crisp breeze, I reached for this fragrance and it somewhat smells really uplifting and while the florals dominate, I know the earthy woody notes are not too far away. Simply enjoyable - seems like this sort of weather really enhances the fragrance and the feelings it evokes and am very glad I have this bottle in my collection! I have been a big fan of GF's fragrances and love the original men's offering as well Pontacio 21 (very often compared to Aramis) and did not mind Gieffeffe though found it a little on the feminine side. Have not really taken on to the newer releases but recently came across GF Rose and it was love at first smell and the GFF Women was rather stunning as well. Any Gianfrance Ferre fans out there who cares to comment on his fragrances?

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    did u try GF LUI ??

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    I really like the way GFF envelopes one for most of the day. It has great lasting power. Unfortunately, it's so potent I tend to get tired of it by the end of the day, and not want to see it for a while.

    Curiously, it starts off a bit feminine before turning masculine, while the women's version does the reverse.

    Pontachio 21 is brilliant too.

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    Im a fan of Bergamotto Marino... a shimmering, rousing unisex eau de cologne that I love. It has struck a nice balance between being a clean citrus and something more marine-like in nature. Its kind of linear, but refreshing and uplifting nonetheless.
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