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    Default Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain


    Ok, that was too short. Somebody had mentioned it smelled very much like Tam Dao, which it does in some facets. I would rather say that it is like somebody took the formula for the now-discontinued Floris Sandalwood and gave it a bit of the rougher edges found in Lorenzo Villoresi's Sandalo, perhaps one of the driest sandalwood fragrances I've ever experienced.

    The most interesting part of BM is the first few minutes. I haven't seen any notes listed for this scent, and don't want to even attempt at guessing what else may be in there, but the top notes seem to have a sharp citrus-like quality to them. It then packs its most potent punch at about 30 seconds or so in with something sharp, but then it just segues into the sandalwood territory, and while pleasant enough, doesn't really bring anything new to the table (I went through a huge sandalwood phase several years ago and found rather quickly that one has to be careful what they wish for. If you're looking for "true" sandalwood, it tends to be rather boring. Even excellent versions like Trumper's, Tam Dao, and Floris are loaded with additional notes to give it some more resonance.)

    That being said, I find the scent to be a let down compared to others in the Tom Ford arsenal. While some debate some of the smokey merits of Tuscan Leather or Japon Noir, those fragrances remain interesting to me because of the very discussions they invoke. I don't feel Bois Marocain will garner the same type of response. It's not to say it's a bad scent--as far as sandalwood scents go, it IS nice... it's just a little on the "Plain Jane" side, which is a cardinal sin considering its price tag.

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    Wow, this stuff sucks.

    Opens with citrus, iso-e super and some "sweet" note. Then some sandalwood, pine resin, incense... all very synthetic smelling.

    I'm going to go scrub it off now. This frag is a 1/10 considering the price, even if it were $50 for 100 mL I wouldn't rate it too much better.

    I've tested Grey Vetiver, TF Man, TF Extreme, Neroli Portofino and now Bois Morocain. They are mediocre at best, but in my personal opinion, they all suck.

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    Personally didn't find this one appealing either.

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    I left it on my skin for ~2 hours and it only got worse. It's a cloying, sweet, synthetic mess....

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    being discontinued

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    It smells like a less than stellar version of Dirty English. Very similar vibe but much more $$$
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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    I didn't have this for very long. Obtained it well before it was released here in the States and promptly sold it within a couple of weeks. The SAs at Neiman Marcus thought I was a world traveler when I told them I had already tried it at that point in time, lol.
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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    If I remember correctly I'm the one who bought your bottle. I too sold it off not long after. I kept a small decant of which I still have most of it.

    It was just so non-remarkable to me. I liked the woody aspect of the opening but beyond that it wasn't even decent sandalwood scent. And It smelled almost identical to the CDG for H+M scent which I already own. I would have been hard pressed to ID them side by side in a blind test.

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    Default Re: Short take on Tom Ford's Bois Marocain

    Yeah, it was rather unremarkable, especially at this stage of the learning curve having been trying everything under the moon for several years (and trying other Tom Ford exclusives). Even had I not been exposed to so many fragrances by that point, I probably wouldn't have had a different opinion of it as it just seemed to sit on the skin. For what it was trying to accomplish, there's a lot of other scents out there that do more for a lot less.
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