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    Red face Advice on "the Cool Waters"

    Good Day
    My wife suffers from allergies to many fragrances. While I order a sampler or two every so often, just “to try for myself”, my wife’s allergies and personal preferences (based on her allergies mostly) relegate me to Gendarme and Cool Water when I'm around her. The Cool Water is now empty, and I am looking for a replacement. I am hoping that by going with a scent that has just a little more sophistication, I can somehow differentiate myself from every young buck in the office wearing Cool Water. I have narrowed the choices down to Cereus #7, Chez Bond, and Freshman. Any thoughts? I know they are pretty similar but does one stand out more than another?
    Thank you in advance for your time.
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    Default Re: Advice on "the Cool Waters"

    Creed's GIT --- I'm first!

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    Default Re: Advice on "the Cool Waters"

    Truefitt & Hill Freshman

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    Default Re: Advice on "the Cool Waters"

    Canali Black Diamond smells similar to Cool Water, although they are not the exact same ( obvioiusly). I personally like it.

    Edit: Wait a minute, I guess you wanted the opinions on Cereus #7, Chez Bond, and Freshman. Not alternatives to Cool Water ? Is your wife okay with the above mentioned 3 fragrances ?

    I would say just sample all 3. If you can that is. Test them out and see whichever you feel most comfortable in, that is important.
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    Go for Green Irish Tweed if you have the money, otherwise stick with the Cool Water. My 2 cents.

    I dont particularly like Chez Bond or Freshman.
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    Your alternative choices seem fine to me.

    Also Creed's Green Irish Tweed.

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    Thank you all for your advice. Obviously, I'm a bit of a "newbie" to the board, as I forgot to include the beloved GIT in the mix. I tried GIT at Saks today, and got my sample of Freshman as well. So far, I'm leaning toward GIT. Freshman is great, just something a little more special in GIT to me. Still kind of curious about the others. "Surfacing", thank you for your suggestion about the Canali, I'll check it out as well. Just wanted a point to start. Gonna narrow it down according to my tastes, then see how my wife likes it. Thanks again to everyone for their time.

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    I love Freshman, if I didn't have GIT I wouldn't be getting rid of it.

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