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Thread: Clogged nozzle?

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    Hi guys, I do need some helpful advice from you experts. I have a vintage bottle (early 80s?) but it's been a chore trying to spritz out the juice. The spritzes do not come out in full but rather in short sharp spurts. I can also feel some of the liquid leaking out at the back of the nozzle. My hand which is holding the bottle do feel a little wet. Quite a waste. Is the nozzle stuck or something? Is their a way to save the nozzle, save the juice? Thanks in advance.

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    You can always check to see if the sprayer head is plugged up by removing it and washing it etc. But, probably you have a leaky seal in the compression fitted top. I had the same problem with a vintage bottle of fragrance and after trying lots of things to fix it ended up selling it to my favorite fragrance decant reseller (PC). They will pull the top and remove the juice anyway so it was perfect for them.

    The only real way to fix a faulty sprayer on a mechanically sealed spray top bottle is to pull off the top completely and replace it with a new one. If you can find a local fragrance bottler or someone who has the right tools to put a new fitting onto the bottle they could fix it easily for you. I was not able to find someone with these tools. I looked all over too, but no luck here in the midwest.

    There is a need for a fragrance repair service for fragrance bottles that leak and have gone wonky. A common problem with the older vintage spray bottles!

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    Thanks so much, Bizzlepuff! You're an angel.

    I forcefully pulled out the sprayer head (not all perfume bottle can be done this way, I must warn) and I took out the head and the nozzle and gave it a good rinse. The spritzes are now better even though, without replacing the head back onto the bottle, there's still a small leak from the nozzle. I probably have to soak that in hot water or something. Thanks for the help. Now I can sleep a lot easier. lol.

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    Why not just buy a perfume spray bottle and transfer the juice to it? Perfume bottles are available in many sizes and styles... google it. Here's one I found... can't vouch it as I've never placed an order there.

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