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    Default Green green fragrance?

    Long ago there was a fragrance by Jovan called Grass Oil for Women. Sweet, green, and grassy, very different from Blue Grass, no vetiver in it. Does anyone else remember it?
    Can anyone recommend a green grassy sweet fragrance? Not a green floral, not a citrus, and not a chypre or woody fragrance.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Guerlain Acqua Allegoria Herba Fresca fits the bill I guess: it's leafy, herbal green, slightly minty and sweet in the drydown without prominent woody or floral notes.
    Also Villoresi Yerbamate opens with a fresh cut grass wonderful note but then gets powdery and more aromatic.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    I like Green, Green, Green and Green by Miller & Bertaux. It certainly lives up to the name!

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    And here's another one. Quite by chance, in my SOTD I'm revisiting an oldie but goodie, Halston 1-12. I see no reason why a woman couldn't wear it. It is a lovely, grassy/leafy green scent, with a comforting soapy sort of drydown.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Sadly, one of the best green scents I know has recently been discontinued: Diptyque's Virgilio. Bottles may still be on some shelves or stocklists, and I'd suggest sampling it if you are able. I can also second the recommendation for Villoresi's Yerbamaté. It's a much sweeter scent, but a real pleasure to wear.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    you wont get greener than Bowling Green by Geoffery Beene
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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Bambou by Weil has that grassy aspect for sure.
    Vent Vert and Ma Griffe are classic super greens.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    There are two you could be thinking of, 'Calyx' & maybe 'Estee Lauder, Private Collections', but that is more mossy. O de'Lancome is light and green but I think it may have some vetiver.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    I've tried Cabotine by Gres a couple of times recently. To me, it's very green, softly floral, a tad sweet, and has a hint of soapy cleanliness. I don't care for soapy scents, but I don't mind it here as it's quite mild. Green, clean and lightly floral sums it up for me.

    I'm also a big fan of Gucci Envy, which for me conjures the impression of the lush, green, tropical outdoors after a rainstorm. It's a bit sweet, and I love wearing it in the summer.

    p.s.-- I just went looking for reviews of Grass Oil to learn more about it, and what I've found is that it now sells for more than many niche fragrances in the aftermarket! Coty would do well to consider bringing this one back. It appears to have many fans.
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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Guerlain AA Herba Fresca -- sweet, lightly grassy mint. An airy green.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Sisley's Eau de Campagne is routinely named when folks ask for a green fragrance. It's green alright, but the effect is closer to tomato leaf than grassy. There's more to it than tomato leaf, of course, and I would suggest that it's worth a try if you're looking for a fresh, green scent.
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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    If you are looking for a softly sweet green grassy scent - try "Balmy Days and Sundays" by Ineke. It's a feminine grassy scent. I like Herba Fresca too, for days I want a crisp green. On other days when I need a smoother more laid back scent I like Ineke's BD&S. I am anxious to try some of the others mentioned - especially Green, Green and Green.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Not sure if you have Gap stores where you are, but Gap's Grass is my favorite grass--just a pure, sweet grass scent.

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Green Pine: Fou d'Absnithe
    I consider Vetivers green scents so: Vetiver Extraordinaire is the greenest out of all of them for me.

    The GREENEST fragrance in my collection is by far Bond no.9's Central Park. Fresh, GREEN plants surrounding you. Like smelling a breeze blow through one of the gardens in Central park!

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    Vent Vert
    Herba Fresca
    Lancome O Oui

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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    The recommendations above tend more toward the dry or sharp than the sweet, imho. While, regrettably, I've never tried the Jovan fragrance you mention, I can suggest Demeter Firefly for a true and charming grassy scent. Nanadebary Green is my favorite gentle, green frag. Ineke's Balmy Days and Sundays has been on my to-try list for a while. Darn you, ljws, for reactivating a desire.
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    Default Re: Green green fragrance?

    It's not sweet in the least, but to me they don't get any greener than Mandragore by Goutal. You could layer it ( I love doing that personally because it makes a unique scent of your own design) with something sweet to tame it. I find it to be a very original scent. I couldn't keep my nose off my arm. Very strange, but in a good way.

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