Cruising through the fragrance department of a local department store yesterday, I used the unfragranced skin on the tops of my forearms to sample a niche scent, L'Artisan's Tubereuse, and a mainstream scent, the new Badgley Mischka Couture. I've tried the Tubereuse before, and was just messing with the idea that I might, just might buy some, someday(!) in the future. For the Couture, it was my very first exposure. I was skeptical of it because I just am skeptical these days of recently released designer fragrances. Well, I was rather a good way!

The top notes were reminiscent of a good, old fashioned men's fougere, with perhaps a touch of modern greeness. The heart notes began more like a chypre floral. Then there was a rollercoaster twist to a chypre with a subtle plum undercurrent, very much in the same vibe as my beloved Silences by Jacomo. The bottom was a harmony of the chypre notes with something a little heavy and smooth. All in all, the development was very pleasing to experience. Sillage, as far as I could tell, was medium, but I would use this scent with discretion - it has the potential for being a bit amplified. Longevity was medium to enduring - I could smell it faintly still after about 5 hours.

Any other opinions out there about the latest Badgley M.?