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    Default Etro Etra or various samples - what to chose..?

    I am at the moment trying to decide what I want in a big swap on MUA. Almost everything is set, but I canīt chose between a new bottle of Etro Etra and a bunch of (expensive and sought after) samples (incl. several Malles, Fords, different Mitsouko parfum, Eau d'Italie, Lutens, Amouage,...).

    Problem is - I have never tried Etra, and canīt find any Etro it in my country. I own and like Chanel Egoiste which it seems to be compared to. This would be another "blind" bottle, but it is always nice to add a new bottle to the collection.

    Since this is not the "real" part of the swap it is really no big deal what I chose to get, but would you take?

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    Default Re: Etro Etra or various samples - what to chose..?

    I've got a full bottle of Etra and I would not even consider swapping it for a bunch of samples, no matter what they were (unless, perhaps, they were niche and expensive designer, and added up to about 100 ml). In other words, it's very good. However, I wear it in my rotation and I don't know if I'd like to wear it (or any other frag) every day, so that's something to consider.

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