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    Question How to best apply decanted samples?

    I just received samples from various niche houses and am wondering if anyone has directions or tips on how to best apply these from the sample vials. I have been putting the vial to my wrist and turning it upside-down multiple times in different spots. Does anyone have advice on better application methods? I recall a post on this topic from another BNer but was unable to find it. Much thanks!

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    I buy decants in atomizers because some of them simply do not smell the same unless atomized. Dabbing usually delivers a very small dose and that affects the smell as well. You can also transfer your small decants into small disposable atomizers that are available in many places (including ebay).

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    I too have found that I get a much better sense of how the fragrance will be if I spray it on.

    I buy 2.5 ml plastic atomizers from Accessories for Fragrances (dot com) and put my samples into these to test them. This size is like what you get at Sephora when they make up a sample.

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    Does anyone know these shops wich sell to europe aswell? Can't find any good one though
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    Sally at Accessories for Fragrance gets a lot of props here on BN. I've ordered from her and was very happy. She even threw in some extras. She ships internationally, and you can read about that here:

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    IMO decants are the best way to go.

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    Spray decants I mean

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    Here's what I do, and I promise it works just fine. Take a regular Q-tip, like you clean your ears with. Now tear as much of that cotton off as you can (leaving a little is good). Insert the stripped Q-tip into the vial to absorb a little liquid, and then apply in a rolling motion, re-dipping as needed. I've not had issues with it changing the smell and I've had plenty of attempts to tell the difference because I transferred a great many vials to atomizers for convenience, but not because it's necessary.

    EDIT: Hardcore purists will note that this will introduce oils and contaminants from your skin to the juice. Just about any method short of decanting into an atomizer is going to do that, so the best advice I can give is not to worry about it.
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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    Thanks much for the suggestion to acquire spray bottles from Accessories for Fragrance. What a great idea! I just this moment got an email telling me that the bottles and pipettes I ordered shipped today.

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    Default Re: How to best apply decanted samples?

    bluesoul, i like your q-tip method! i shall try it soon.

    i can't claim this as a method of my own invention as i read it in a thread ages ago but can't remember which, but i find a convenient way to sample from 1-2ml vials is using a small straw - the tiny 'sip straw' kind you get in bars, usually about four inches long and and a milimeter across. (yes, i know i work in metric and imperial, sorry - blame the british education system!)

    dunk the straw into the vial, put a finger on top, and lift out the straw with some liquid held in it. letting your finger off the top of the straw allows the liquid held inside to drop onto skin.

    i used to find with sample vials that i either dabbed not enough, or poured too much - this acheives a middle ground quite neatly.

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