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    Default YSL M7 vs. A. Dunhill Desire Red

    They look similar in composition..if you've sniffed both which is better overall? For day? Night? All-arounder? The redness looks great. If you've smelled both and can say which you like overall, or which on certain occasions, please do so. I love both bottles but don't know how to distinguish between the two or what sets them apart, anyone?

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    Default Re: YSL M7 vs. A. Dunhill Desire Red

    For me, M7 is for when I want something with oud that has complexity. DD is a sweet, vanillic teak wood. I'd say DD is for partying. Not sure what M7 is for, other than aficionados. I'll be curious to hear what others think. If I apply M7, I want to be able to pay attention to it.

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    Default Re: YSL M7 vs. A. Dunhill Desire Red

    cant compare both but M7 is unique, DD brings nothing new its ok but i'd rather smell odd and curious than in a generic way
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    I own both of these, though I don't find any similarities between them whatsoever.

    M7 is a great scent for cooler weather, and definitely seems a bit more "mature" and suited for romatic or more formal settings.

    Dunhill Desire doesn't seem to get much love at all around here, but it'll always have a special place in my heart and I can't imagine ever being without a bottle of it. Several years ago, prior to my having washed up on the shores of Basenotes, it was the only scent that I owned. I bought it on a whim prior to a "first date" (which spawned dramatic, at times completely insane, and incredibly tumultuous "relationship") I've got so many memories associated with that scent, both traumatic and wonderful, and smelling it brings them all back with such a force that it almost summons a "fight or flight" response where I break out in goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Needless to say, I don't wear it often... But I think it's a fairly unique and decent scent to own.

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    Default Re: YSL M7 vs. A. Dunhill Desire Red

    M7 would be my choice between the 2 fragrances, but I do like both.

    M7 is deep, complex, mysterious & sexy with longevity that is superior, on my skin, to that of Dunhill Desire. I do think M7 works just fine for me in cold weather, but also for hot summer nights. Especially nights spent outdoors at concerts, outdoor theatre, etc. etc.

    Dunhill Desire does have it's place in my wardrobe, but it is not the best "red" in my opinion. It is a fine party scent, but a more "grownup", red, party scent is Xeryus Rouge. Xeryus rouge also has superior longevity on my skin.
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