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    I spent some time at the Champs Elysee Guerlain flagship yesterday, one of the few stores open on Sunday, and tried their new offerings.
    Habit Rouge Sport: Smells like one of the Allure flankers, not much Habit Rouge going on here.
    Habit Rouge L'Extrait: What this hesperidic/oud accord has to do with the original HR is beyond me. Awfully expensive, who needs 50ml of an extrait - you're not missing out on much here. Pass.
    Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus: To my disappointment, this limited edition is no longer available.
    Le Petite Robe Noir: Warning, you have just entered Girl-land. Naming a new fragrance after a cliche can turn into a very slippery slope. The packaging, with an abstract black dress printed on a modified version of the classic Mitsouko bottle, screams contemporary meets classic. IMO, Guerlain has produced their new blockbuster, masterpiece. Easier on the nose than the obnoxiously LOUD Insolence, but following a similar progression: the ridiculous to the sublime. LPRN is a lovely dry-down attached to a mainstream, fruity gourmand opening. I may have to buy a bottle to wear with my male version of the little black dress: a black cashmere turtleneck, jeans and a pair of Italian loafers. Viva Guerlain!.
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