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    I am interested in bottle designs and having a variety of different shapes and coloured juices in my collection. Many bottles are either a cylindral or rectangular glass bottle with a sprayer on the top and lid covering it. These are some examples that are a little different:
    I like the way that the be delicious bottle has half metal/glass and has the sprayed almost hidden within the metal part.
    Hypnose homme is still in a glass bottle with the normal spray but as it has almost been twisted around it looks very different to anything else and pleasing to the eye.
    This angel bottle has lots of edges, making very complex looking, would look nice on a display shelf.
    Although its not really groundbreaking, at least london has an additional material on the bottle making it different.

    My question is this: If you could have a bottle with your own design (bottle, colour of juice & packaging) what would you come up with?
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    I knew the Hypnose is very unique. I would have to draw first before I'll be able to tell how it would look like.
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    This would be great if you could design your own bottle and have it produced, I wish one of the big companies would do a competition for people to send in new bottle ideas for a new scent.
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    perfumaholic, bond no. 9 has/had a contest to make your own bottle. you can read it here:
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Always loved this bottle

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    I love the wild Solange bottles, especially Cosmic (

    Personally, I have a preference for simple, rectangular and thick glass bottles. The Chanel Exclusifs, the Guerlain Elixir Charnel bottles (minus the metal plate), even the M7/M7 Fresh bottles.

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    How about the Caron L'Anarchiste bottle?

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Cartier Roadster or Diesel Only The Brave?
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Quote Originally Posted by Pour_Monsieur View Post
    Always loved this bottle

    How do you spray that?

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Dudes, the OP asked how YOU would design your own bottles.

    I would probably go from a cube shape and cut off around it to make it resemble the Seattle Public Library, but a much more convoluted one. I certainly don't like everything by Rem Koolhaas, but that building with some extra interleaving would make an awesome flacon. Of course, that shape has to be on the inside as well, so that the coloured juice would mimic the outer shape of the flacon. This would look totally crazy and take sophisticated technology, but I'd go for that. Another building-as-flacon candidate would be the Danish Architecture Centre, which is a bit too flat but also very convoluted.
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    My favourite-bottle is Cartier Roadster. Solid and heavy. Very masculin and stylish! Different with the lying position.

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Quote Originally Posted by mcjra View Post
    How do you spray that?
    Plunk down $3 - $4k to find out!

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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Dior Homme-my favorite bottle ever
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    Coriolan by Guerlain has few peers...
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    i would agree with Coriolan...It is one of a kind
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    I like my bottle of wings by giorgio beverly hills, it's very easy to hold!
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    Default Re: Bottle Designs

    I appreciate bottles with thick glass, it gives them a gem-like quality. I Love very angled bottles, and I love extremely spherical bottles, but not really hybrids of the two. I would love to see a bottle of a transparent crystal sphere, with an integrated sprayer like delicious (no cap to mess with, and no cap-less testers to buy) but with a perfect shape, with no indentation, so it would gently rock back and forth as it sat on the counter. I would make the glass bottom heavy, so that it couldnt roll away.

    A dreidel might make a good bottle shape, without the stem.

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