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    Default M. Micallef on eBay

    Not sure if this is the right thing to post on the forum.
    There are a few Micallefs (Avant Garde, Patchoulli, Rose Aoud etc.) on eBay up for bidding. Only 1 feedback and the account was set up last month. The seller is based in Kuwait. Assuming I really want one of these, is it worth the risk to make a bid?

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    Default Re: M. Micallef on eBay

    I saw that too. Have you tried them? I've tried a few (Avant Garde) and they were all quite sweet.

    I can't remember if the prices are good on that site. I wonder what shipping would be.
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    Default Re: M. Micallef on eBay

    Sorry, I'm going to have to close and delete this thread, since it seems mostly to be about an eBay seller. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but I do this because Basenotes isn't an eBay feedback forum. EBay has its own feedback mechanism, and the Basenotes forums aren't alternative or additional locations for evaluating or discussing eBay experiences.

    I regret all inconvenience.
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