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    Default swapping

    I am new to Basenotes and am really enjoying myself. I am having a little trouble navigating the site, though. I understand that people swap here sometimes and I am wondering how to do that, aside from looking at what's available at the bottom of the Community page. Also, under My Wardrobe, what goes under Tested and Tried?

    Hoping someone can help a newbie!

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    Default Re: swapping

    Click on "Community" and then scroll down to "Basenotes Market Place" and click on "Swap". Welcome to Basenotes!
    Edit: Ah, I see that you already found the Swaps page. Oops.
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    Default Re: swapping

    To use the marketplace you'll need to be a supporter or become a member long enough to have 500+ posts on the boards.


    To post a new thread to the swap and sale boards you will need to meet any one of the following criteria.
    • be a supporting member
    • have made over 500 posts
    • have been a member for over one year.

    You can find all this in the forum rules and such. Don't let it deter you from getting on your way to using it. This stuff comes easier than you think!
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    Default Re: swapping

    Quote Originally Posted by lovethescents View Post
    Also, under My Wardrobe, what goes under Tested and Tried?
    I find that people use this categories differently -- there's no set rule that I'm aware of.

    I use "Tried" to track anything I tried -- whether from a sample or in passing from a tester at a perfume counter. I use "Test List" to track the scents I have samples of (whether vials, minis, or small decants - 5 ml or smaller). Since I'm in a early stages of a "perfume mania", I use "Wish List" for scents that I'd like to try, but have not gotten my hands on. I'm not to a point of putting "want full bottles" on my wish list. I know that some people use it like that.

    So whatever works for you!

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