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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    Gucci POUR HOMME

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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    Halston Catalyst for Men

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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    Gucci - Pour Homme II

    Nasomatto - Silver Musk
    Prada - Prada Man/Amber Pour Homme
    Tom Ford - Oud Wood

    A L'Artisan Cap (old or new style)

    Clothing + Goodies for sale!

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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    SOTE: Giving a test to Frederic Malle Bois D'Orage.

    According to its notes, it's whole point is "vegetal animality," which I guess is their way of saying that it's green but funky (which it is).

    The opening, on me, was mostly rotting lettuce (not as bad as it sounds, but not too great, either...), quickly joined by a lot of black pepper and very dry vetiver.

    Eventually, the lettuce faded (thank goodness) and left a base of smoky, mossy evergreen (cedar, pine, etc.) with the vetiver and pepper.

    It's only been on about 3 hours and will probably continue to evolve, but it's almost my bedtime...

    Honestly, I like this more than the Malle's Vetiver Extrordinaire, which seemed to me like an even more medicinal but less stanky version of Guerlain's already-very-medicinal Vetiver. I'll really have to give this one a good, long daytime wearing to really give it a full chance. It could be worth a bottle, but I'm still very on the fence...

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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    Bulgari Black

    The perfect balance of rubber and tea and something else this time! - raging for the machines
    Currently wearing: Derby by Guerlain

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    Default Re: ~ S o t D ~ 11th March 2009

    Dior Homme.
    Looking for a sample of Gucci Envy Me.

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