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    Talking Sponge Bob Perfume Dept Video!

    Short 1:07 video Sponge Bob in Perfume Dept Store. Pretty funny -
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    Default Re: Sponge Bob Perfume Dept Video!

    kumquat, the link to this video stalls.
    It doesn't load completely. Please try to find a better link.

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    Default Re: Sponge Bob Perfume Dept Video!


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    Default Re: Sponge Bob Perfume Dept Video!


    Love the soundtrack!

    There's also a great olfactory exchange in SpongeBob. It goes like this:

    Patrick: That's it! Your name tag is in the apple on Mr. Krabs' desk!

    SpongeBob: Patrick, you're a genius. Oh wait, he's probably thrown it away by now.

    Patrick: Well, then we'll look in the dumpster! (cut to the dumpster outside the Krusty Krab)

    SpongeBob: Ewww, what is that stench?

    Patrick: That is the stench of discovery. Come on, buddy. I'll give you a boost. (gets on all fours) Hop on, pal.

    SpongeBob: (jumps in the dumpster) Hey, it's not so bad once you get used to it.

    Patrick: I wish I had a nose.
    The stench of discovery! After years away from the lab, I kinda miss it....
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    Default Re: Sponge Bob Perfume Dept Video!

    Okay, it's playing now. But it only lasts 1:07.
    Has the ending been cut off? Does something happen after they fall into the ship's hold?

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