We’re back on The Road to The Final Spritz I’m your host Somerville Metro Man wrapping up the first round action with the last eight games on the schedule. Four of those games took place in the Creed Region and the first number one seed went down as sixteenth seeded Aramis JHL took top-seeded Escada Homme out as easy as A-B-C, 34-26. The glass slipper is firmly on JHL as the Cinderella of the tournament and midnight could strike as soon as the second round as their next opponent will be the ninth seeded Chanel Antaeus, winner over the number eight seed Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, 45-16. The A-Team pulled out to a big lead right from the start and left Fumerie Turque running on fumes by the end.
In the bottom half of the Creed Bracket it was a battle to see who could “man up” as #11 Dior Homme proved to be the much bigger man beating sixth seeded Ormonde Jayne Man in a rout, 52-16. Next up for DH will be third seeded Yves St. Laurent M7 who was also an easy winner over the fourteenth seed Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterrannee, 40-18. With the number one seed gone this Region is up for grabs and it is likely to produce a surprise representative to The Final Spritz.
Whichever team comes out of the Creed they’ll be facing the winner of the Serge Lutens Region at The Final Spritz and the final two games in that region were easy wins for both victors. Bvlgari Black took its thirteenth seed and chip on its shoulder into its game with the fourth seeded Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male. After they had Blacked out Le Male, 46-20, they walked off the court with a swagger that showed they were getting ready for a long run in the tournament. Standing in their way will be Guerlain Vetiver, the fifth seed. Vetiver led wire-to-wire over the twelfth seeded Hermes Eau D’orange Verte, 40-27. This made Guerlain 5-1 in the tournament so far and by far the House having the best tournament through the first round. The Serge Lutens Region kept both top seeds alive although they will have a tough couple of games to meet in the final.
The remaining games were in the Guerlain Region. Top seeded Aramis Havana crushed the dreams of sixteenth seed Versace the Dreamer, 38-18. The boys in the fatigues and stogies were having a good time. They will very likely be tested by their opposition in the second round, Yves St. Laurent Kouros and their support group, Special K. Kouros led early and no matter what the ninth seeded Diptyque Philosykos tried they just couldn’t cut into the early lead Kouros built up. Kouros finished off a 4-2 first round for Yves St. Laurent the co-leader in bids with Guerlain. The Guerlain Region has gone true to form as all four top seeds have advanced.
The Comme des Garcons Region is still on target for an all-Hermes Regional Final between Vetiver Tonka and Terre D’Hermes but both scents have two more wins to make it to that grudge match.
See you in two days with the recap of the first eight games of the second round.
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