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    Default Chopard Madness Natural Black EDT

    Anyone tried this.
    I was looking to try the original Madness but have ended up winning a bottle of 'Natural Black' for 99p on Ebay.
    So how does it compare to the original, I can't find anything on the net that alludes to this scent, only that it's an EDT with 'darker' notes.

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    Default Re: Chopard Madness Natural Black EDT

    The original Madness is the red bottle has a big BIG, almost scary peppercorn opening and eventually settles into a floral and a very nice floral at that, sweet at first but then less so as the sandalwood kicks in.

    Natural Black minimizes the pepper in the opening (and I have read that it is black pepper not the pink pepper as in regular Madness), skips the sweetness and is a very woody floral. The woods in the base are different and brighter. I haven't read it but my guess is cedar. Very unisex

    At first I preferred Red bottle, but now I think I like NB better.
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    Default Re: Chopard Madness Natural Black EDT

    That's a big help.

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    Default Re: Chopard Madness Natural Black EDT

    I really like the MNB formulation and don't like the original much at all. I'd also call it unisex. And I don't have anything like it (other than small samples). I did a wrist to wrist sampling with Cabaret for women, but I found Cabaret to be okay, but much less compelling. Paestrum Rose also didn't excite me. The funny thing is that MNB is selling for next to nothing right now !
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