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    Default Heure Exquise on a man?

    Today I went for a trip in a big perfume shop downtown and went sampling some scents I read about here in some discussions I didn't have yet the chance to try like Villoresi Sandalo (very good but not so projecting) and Vetiver (which reminded me a lot Yerbamate in the opening) and sandalo (drier than villoresi but even less projecting) and vetiver from etro (which reminded me of malle's in the opening). I also gave a test on skin to Annick Goutal Heure Exquise since I tried it another time on paper and was not so impressing. Omg, on skin this scent totally changes warming up to an addictive smell, floral but not flowery at all with what I can tell it's an ethereal rose note with iris but the whole is over an animalic base that plays a kind of ethereal high pitch note giving to it a divine feral grace. Lasting power is wonderful (I can still smell it after 8 hours).
    Any of you guys tried it or is familiar with it? what's your thought?

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    I really want to get a bottle of the EdP strength. It's been called a boudoir fragrance, but I think it is basically a sexy, animalistic flower, sans a gender specificity. Which strength did you try? Goutal's range is so unique and under appreciated by the boys. The only house similar is Nicolai.
    Florals on men are always tricky, but I'd wear HE in a heartbeat.

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    Ruggles, I think I tried the edp and its animalic floral beaty is really ipnotic at a certain point.

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    If you like it, wear it!

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    Heure Exquise EDP is my favorite Annick Goutal; in fact, it's the only one I've kept (except for Rose Absolue EDP) in my permanent collection after having tried the whole line. I've been wearing it for about two years now. It works extraordinarily well as a formal fragrance. Try it with a formal suit.

    Simply superb, and superbly simple. Rose, Iris, creamy Sandalwood, on a very round and smooth aromachemical amber base that pulls everything together tightly but expansively at the same time. Goutal's best fragrances work with these kind of paradoxical oppositions.

    I wear the EDP, which is my preferred strength for all of Goutal creations. I find the EDTs a tease.

    Glad to see I am in good company.

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    One of my favourite Goutals: it's so wonderful that whenever I wear it, I get stuck with it for days... Mine is EdP.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    I'd wear it without reservation, but then I also wear Carnal Flower and Habanita.

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    Default Re: Heure Exquise on a man?

    I've only tried 2 Annick Goutals, the Heure Exquise and Duel. Both beautiful. Upon smelling both I told the SA "They smell nothing like I smelled before." They don't last long though. Too bad.

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