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    Default SotW February 21st-27th, 2009

    Welcome to Week 52 of SotW. A little over a year ago I started tracking the totals of what was posted in the SotD threads in the Male Fragrance Board in May I added the Womenís posts to the mix and now 52 weeks later I am at the end of my experiment. Here are the numbers for the last week, 1,331 total posts representing 733 scents. 54 scents were posted for the first time in Week 52. 470 scents were worn just one time for an individuality index of 35.3%. I want to linger a bit over the last two sentences. First that there were still 54 scents that had not been worn once in the previous 52 weeks boggles my mind and speaks to the breadth of the community and how willing it is to experiment. That is even more evident by the individuality index which is one of our lowest, only 0.6% off the low water mark. Even at that over a third of all the scents worn were worn just once. If you add up all of the wears in the top 50 you still havenít reached the 470 number of single wears. If you take the top nine Houses and add them together you still donít come to 470. As much as Iíve drawn your attention to the top 10 scents it is this individuality of this community that has been the most eye-opening aspect of the last year of observing it. Everyone should take a bow it has been amazing to chronicle.
    The big 5 had a typical week led as always by Guerlain with 111 wears over 34 scents. Vetiver finishes in first with 19 wears. Only one other Guerlain, Habit Rouge, tied for #6, made the top 10. Creed had the second most wears with 57 over 23 scents. Bois du Portugal was the House leader and the #3 scent for the week. Serge Lutens had 53 wears over 23 scents led by Datura Noir tied for #16. Chanel was fourth with 47 wears over 19 scents. Egoiste ended up tied for sixth. Hermes was fifth with 40 wears over 16 scents led by Terre DíHermes which was #5 for the week. The big 5 totals for Week 52 were 308 (23.1%) wears over 115 (15.7%) scents. The big 5 only accounted for five of the eleven scents in this weekís top 10.
    Christian Dior had one of its best weeks as it had 53 wears over 18 scents and placed two scents in the top 10. Dior Homme finished second and Hypnotic Poison at #10. Yves St. Laurent also finished on an up note with 41 wears over 17 scents led by Rive Gauche pour Homme tied for third. Caron didnít have a particularly high week with 26 wears over 10 scents but 10 of those wears were Yatagan which got it into a tie for sixth. Montale had its biggest week in over ten weeks and that was led by the other scent at #10 Black Aoud. Four Houses had significantly below average weeks, Frederic Malle, Aramis, Comme des Garcons, and Parfumerie Generale.
    The last scent in the top 10 was Narciso Rodriguez for Him which had its best week ever and closes out with an exclamation point and a tie for sixth.
    Top 10 for February 21st-27th, 2009
    1.) Guerlain Vetiver 19 wears (1.4%)
    2.) Dior Homme 15 wears (1.1%)
    3.) Creed Bois du Portugal 12 wears (0.9%)
    3.) Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme 12 wears (0.9%)
    5.) Hermes Terre Díhermes 11 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Caron Yatagan 10 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Chanel Egoiste 10 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 10 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Narciso Rodriguez for Him 10 wears (0.8%)
    10.) Dior Hypnotic Poison 9 wears (0.7%)
    10.) Montale Black Aoud 9 wears (0.7%)

    Four scents just missed, Montana Parfum DíHomme (red box) saw its six week top 10 run come to an end by one wear. Prada Infusion DíIris, Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille, and Tauer LíAir du Desert Marocain were all trying to make one last appearance in the top 10. It was another underwhelming week for new scents as you had to get all the way down to four wears at #42 to find Prada Infusion DíHomme and Ralph Lauren Polo Modern Reserve.
    Thatís a wrap on one yearís worth of counting. I thank all of you who I PMíd to clarify what it was you were wearing and I thank every one of you that sent me kind encouragement via PM or posted on the boards. I value this community and I hope everyone enjoyed the mirror I held up to the community.
    I will still be teasing and twisting the dataset for the next few weeks and of course we have to unveil the SotY until then, Have a well-fragranced week.

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    Default Re: SotW February 21st-27th, 2009

    Cheers S_M_M!

    It is interesting to learn how popular the Guerlains are to this day!

    I'm not too surprised that new scents aren't embraced widely... mediocrity perhaps?

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    Default Re: SotW February 21st-27th, 2009

    Hats off to you SMM, it's been such hard work from you for the past year. BIG THANKS!

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