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    Talking The Other Amen... Gone But Not Forgotten

    This post was originally posted on the emergency board back in the summer of 2007, and was saved on my computer. Since philosophy decided to discontinue their amen fragrance and sell the trademark to Thierry Mugler/Groupe Clarins recently, I thought that it would be fun to repost this. Have a smelly day!

    Before heading to Barnes & Noble to pick up a few books for my upcoming trips to Seattle and Vancouver, I had to stop at Von Maur.

    While there, I saw Philosophy's amen. Yes, this is the same trademark that caused them to get into a hissy-fit with Thierry Mugler back in 1996-1997, forcing Mugler to name their men's scent Angel Men in the US and Canada. However, Philosophy didn't launch an actual scent with the name until 2004. (Editor's note: NY Daily News says that philosophy launched amen at the same time as Mugler's product, in 1996) Still, since no one on Basenotes has ever touched it, I had to give it a test.

    Philosophy's official notes listing for amen lists green tea and citrus top notes, spicy accords, and sandalwood and musk undertones.

    On the skin, amen starts out like Gendarme, with a bit of Bvlgari The Verte thrown in... it sort of stays that way for a while. Then, it gets into a generic soapy feel... think drugstore-grade Dove Cool Moisture bar soap/body wash, but ten times lighter and without any complexity at all. And now, it's fading away, less than three hours after I applied the stuff... talk about a polar opposite from Mugler's product.

    Doesn't matter, though, since Philosophy's amen is mediocre at best. I think I'll stick with Thierry Mugler's version...

    I wonder if Von Maur still has a bottle of amen left (the philosophy one, not the Mugler one... I know that they have plenty of that).
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    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: The Other Amen... Gone But Not Forgotten

    Comparing the two scents would be like comparing apples and oranges. Thanks for the informative post though. It's nice to learn of fragrance name anomalies

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