I'm wondering if anyone can tell me a little more about G-man's EDC from Gainsboro(ugh).
There appears to be very little information online about the brand, and all Ive managed to reveal is that it comes under the Juvena umbrella.

What Im really looking to do, is find out precisely when the original name Gainsborough, later became Gainsboro. It was first produced in 1971, but later discontinued. However, I now see it re-released and available on the European market again.
I have a vintage bottle that I found in an Austrian fleamarket for 1, and am really quite enchanted with the stuff. I've read several reviews in the directory, and am not sure if they are pertaining to the original formula or the modern one. To me, it seems like I am smelling something really quite removed from some of those reviews (specifically, Naed_Nitram's comment about its similarities to Trussardi Uomo).

If anyone has any info that may help disambiguate the names and editions, I'd love for you to share. I'm also keen to sample the newer release and match the two back to back, so if you have a modern sample knocking around, please send me a PM.