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    Default Three More Blind Buys

    Taking advantage of Parfum1's 25% off sale, I recently ordered three frags that arrived today:

    Caron's L'Anarchiste
    Fath's Green Water
    and Gres's Cabochard

    My first impressions (based on spraying a little of the Green Water and Cabochard on the back of my hand and then later wearing L'Anarchiste):

    L'Anarchiste: What I've come to expect from Caron masculines (the others I have are Yatagan and 3rd Man): excellent ingredients extremely well blended. I bought this because so many people whose tastes I share seem to like it and because I've had luck with my other two Caron blind buys. But I have to admit that reviews of it made it hard for me to know what to expect. Now, wearing it, I still find it a bit difficult to describe, though I don't feel it's a very challenging or difficult-to-wear fragrance. This will certainly work its way into my regular rotation, though perhaps not in hot weather.

    Green Water: Though Parfum1 shows pictures of the 1990s reissue, this is last year's version (which I understand has less oakmoss in it). This is exactly what I expected it to be: cool, refreshing citrus with some mint thrown in. I know I'll be reaching for this a lot during the summer.

    Cabochard: I picked this up because it's so cheap (about $16 for 100ml) and I love Bandit, to which it is frequently compared. My first impression (not of a full wearing of it) is that it's very nice but not as Bandit-like as I hoped it would be. It's certainly plenty unisex. I'll need to spray more on soon and experience it in greater depth.

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    Default Re: Three More Blind Buys

    i received a sample of Green Water, and didn't care for it.

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