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    Default Compliments from the Dentist today

    There wasn't anyone else but me in the waiting room at the dental office. I had sprayed 2 sprays of perfume in the a.m. so I wouldn't be overkill in such small quarters. The hygienist called me in and I proceeded to get comfortable in my chair when the hygienist from the other room came out and said who's wearing that jasmine perfume, it's one of the nicest jasmines I've ever smelled. Everyone was looking at the women clients until my hygienist said I think it's Ken. (That's me) I came forward and said I'm wearing jasmine and geranium today. They said they've never smelled a man that smelled so good and wrote down what it was that I was wearing. A great start to the day when people get excited about scent.

    Eau de Toilette
    Parfum de Toilette
    by Puro Lino
    The Scoop
    Simple, yet supremely elegant, fine Italian linen sets a standard of luxury. Basic items like a shirt or tablecloth are transformed from everyday to extraordinary when made from this lustrous fabric. Puro Lino takes its inspiration from the unfussy beauty of its namesake pure linen. A subtle blend of light citrus, fresh cut flowers and soft musk that melts into the skin, this is as easy to wear as linen itself. Puro Lino has the delightful freshness of hand-milled soap, without any detergent-like harshness. The citrus is gentle not strident and the feel is warm and airy, like clean sheets drying on the line under a clear blue sky. Pure, simple and classic.

    Eau de Toilette Notes
    geranium, jasmine, verbena, neroli, green notes, musk

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    I tried this a while ago & just ordered it last week. I was happy to see your post. I was inspired by talk of geranium scents earlier last week. It reminded me of Puro Lino. I think it will be a great spring-time scent. It should be here any time. I anxiously await!
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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    I have been reading about Puro Lino, on BN, for what seems like forever now. But this, this post right here, has pushed me over the edge. I have feared that it would be "boring" because of all the adjectives being used to desribe it (laundry, fresh linen, etc.) but I'm off to LS to order me a sample!

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    I sampled Puro Lino a week or so back. It was strong! I couldn't wash it off.
    It is not my type of frag but at least it has longevity and that is a plus.

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    Thanks, that answers my question as to weather I should test it first or not.
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    It smells like the best expensive soap you've ever smelled - distilled into a fragrance. If I could afford it, I'd easily own a full bottle and splash it on after baths. It is the best 'clean' fragrance I've ever smelled.

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    Now I'm interested, if it garners compliments from the whole office, WOW!

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    Default Re: Compliments from the Dentist today

    puro lino is a great fresh scent. if you are searching for a decidedly classier version of clean's warm cotton or provence, this might be your scent.

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