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    Default Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    Am I the only one who is picking up on a very animalic accord in Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun? I've observed comments and reviews noting its leather, chypre and floral qualities, but I get a lingering musk from when the top notes burn off till the very end. Lovely naughty musk which underscores the leather on me. Tantalizing - keeps my nose tied to my wrist. I frankly find it difficult to think of this one as a chypre - I don't pick up the qualities that usually define that genre in CZ. The closest relative I can think of is Sonia Rykiel Woman (Not For Men!) - the one in the cool studded bottle. The Rykiel is a bit sweeter, and its musky note is not nearly as unique or persistent as CZ's.

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    Yep, Citizen Queen is skank. Beautiful skank, actually, sort of a gateway drug... the first skank I ever loved. Before CQ, I liked Rumba and disliked the animalic quality of Joy; after CQ, I moved on to Bal a Versailles in extrait, which is not for the faint-hearted. A friend had sent me a sample without warning me, and I wore it TO WORK... ack! Got some funny looks. (I do the books in an auto parts store and work with mostly men.)

    I don't get the chypre designation either. I do get a lot of transparent woody rose and violet in CQ, but it's Rose in Fishnets, Leather Heels and Naughty Purple Lingerie. Needless to say, my husband loves it, and it's become my shorthand for "Hey, you wanna?"

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    I love CQ, own a full bottle, and wear it liberally. The skankiness renders this a great masculine too.
    I once said that if Chanel No5 (aldehydes) and Agent provocateur had a love child, Citizen Queen would be it!

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    "Citizen Queen" -- an oxymoron :bounce:
    Here's another "Patrician Village"

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    Mike Perez also alerted me to the new JHAG scent "Midnight Oud"... theres another one Im extremely keen to try.

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    Citizen Queen performs a kind of olfactory strip-tease on me while getting down to business revealing the skank. The powdery haze that opens this scent has to burn off first - I had to really work at getting beyond this part. Then the rose flashes herself before disappearing. The leather sticks around .... and lingers.... and then the musk, which has been co-existing slyly all along, is alone and glorious at the end. I think this will be a full-bottle purchase for me very soon.

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    I am rediscovering Citizen Queen after having bought the "bullet" applicator some years ago.

    This is a leathery rose. I don't get the skank at all, not unless you consider the leather to be the skank. (I might not be picking up as much of the musk.)
    "...put on clothes that are well-scented with incense. Even if you’re somewhere where no one special will see you, you still feel a heady sense of pleasure inside." Things that make your heart beat fast (translated by Meredith McKinney), Sei Shonagon. The Pillow Book.

    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    I don't find it skanky at all. A powdery comfort fragrance for me, fits my cashmere sweater perfectly in the winter.

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    Default Re: Citizen Queen - skank-ee!

    On me CQ is skanky. Smells like warm naked skin (a little sweaty skin ) under a powdery rose. I don't wear it to work therefore because it makes me to self consious: like I'm oozing sexual interest (or recent activity). Actually, I think its the sharp leather note in combination with the labdanum that remnds me of warm sweat. I read somewhere that labdanum often replaces animalistic notes in perfumes.

    I'm a non smoker and my skin is dry and seems to be very sensitive to "skank" scents, meaning: it amplifies it in a big way. That said I mean that I don't think that it smells skanky on everyone.

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