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    Default Alfred Sung "Paradise"

    Picked this up at TJ Maxx blind, then saw the crushingly discouraging reviews: with 5 negative, 6 neutral, and 0 (ZERO) positive, this must be one of the lowest rated frags besides the turkey that is Curve Crush.

    Anyhoo, the top notes are actually quite enjoyable, but it's gone in 30 seconds. The middle is long and boring and smells like tons of other spicy fresh scents out there. But after a few hours, it started to smell better. I don't know if my nose simply got tired of it or what, but the lighter it got, the better it smelled. But unfortunately by then it's probably too light to be noticed.

    For $10 I'll give it a chance. I'll wear it a few more times to see how I like it.

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    Default Re: Alfred Sung "Paradise"

    I picked this up, a 3.4 oz for ten dollars at TJ Maxx as well. I think its totally worth it. Ill probably use it all up this summer, since it lasts barely over two or three hours in the heat, and maybe use it as an after-beach spray.

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    Default Re: Alfred Sung "Paradise"

    Such a disappointment following the original, which I love.

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    Default Re: Alfred Sung "Paradise"

    My roomate wears this often, and I've tried it to some success. It's miles and miles above Sung Homme, which isn't saying much I suppose, as there are probably few smells in the world that make me feel as terrible as that does

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    Default Re: Alfred Sung "Paradise"

    I really enjoy Hei (and frequently get compliments when wearing it), Paradise is kinda like a variation on a theme and Iuse it on a bright sunny summer day as a pick-me-up scent. It is not original or exquisite, but it's not horrid either.

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